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Published On: May 5, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Niraj Ghimire

Aama (Mom)

Aama (Mom)

I remember those days when I get back 
You always made snacks for me
This kindness you poured all along
You still remain the same.

Your love has made me child to a man
Your kindness has taught me to be kind
Everything of yours feels so strong
I see you in everyone I love.

Scared when I was to be scold by Dad
Hiding behind you hoping to save myself
Stopped him and I to cherish all
You still do the same.

I might not know your pain Mom,
But I know how to make you smile
Teasing you at home and all I see
Those memories are never to fade.

Days when I be late home,
You always waited for dinner
While others sleep, you wake
I miss it all and I shake.

From mistakes to correction
You always held my hand,
Here I stand cause I had you all
That makes my hope strong never to fall

Back when I left home, you with tears
Moments keep me paused
I'm off for us to make good
I'll be home soon to meet

Far from you but I miss you everyday
Your love keeps me alive here
Wishing you a prosperous health
Wherever I go, I always pray.

I love you Mom that’s all my heart could say
Will remain the same until my last day
I oath upon what I am to be
You're the one and my Queen Bee.


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