Published On: December 10, 2018 12:49 PM NPT By: Aditya Neupane

5 things about Jyotsna Yogi

5 things about Jyotsna Yogi

Jyotsna is a renowned Nepali model and actor. She started her modeling career in 2013. She has appeared in a number of cover shoot, and TV commercial ads.

In 2014 she got featured in a music video titled ‘Hamro Milan 2014’. She has also featured in numerous music videos till date including ‘Flirty Maya’, ‘Timi Nai Timi’ and ‘Samaya’. Despite a sound career in modeling and music videos, Yogi stepped to the world of silver screen through ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hoon’ in 2016. However, she is not working actively for the movies. Yogi is currently busy in the shooting of Manoj Pant directed, unnamed action movie.

In conversation with My City’s Aditya Neupane, Yogi revealed five lesser known facts about her which many might not know about her.  

Keen artist
Art is Jyotsna’s childhood hobby. She has a deep attachment to sketching.  “My father is a professional artist. So I think painting runs in my blood,” said Jyotsna. “I enjoy playing with pencil and sketching rather than painting using multiple colors,” she added. Jyotsna has her own collection of sketches of celebs and cartoon characters including sketches of Ethan Dolan and Swoopna Suman 

Avid Poet
Yogi started writing poems from her school days. After participating in a couple of poem conventions she recognized her passion for a poem and started to write more. Her poems usually reflect the real-life stories of society have deeply influenced her. “My poems are a bit darker, as I usually write about the mutual suffering and sorrows of people facing in our society,” said Jyotsna. She has created a blog where she has posted all of her poems.

Dog lover
Jyotsna thinks all dogs should be treated equally and that they have their own right to survive; be it a pet or a stray dog. She helps abandoned dogs, puppies to find a home through the social media. She cannot tolerate dogs suffering for basic needs.  So she has sterilized stray dogs of her surroundings, hence preventing birth control. Jyotsna is also a goodwill ambassador of the nonprofit organization ‘Project Human Nepal’. The organization helps in raising awareness about animal rights among children and youths. She said, “Helping stray dogs to find home gives me that surreal feeling.”

Into Direction
Yogi is planning to try her hands in movie direction in coming future. In an interaction with Republica, she revealed her interest to be a director in the future. She said, “Acting and direction are two different parts and direction is one of my biggest dreams.” She further said that she has been deeply influenced by Hollywood movies and want to portray her creation and imagination in Nepali Film Industry as a director. 

Flaunting in jeans: 
Yogi stated that she doesn’t have any feminine clothes in her wardrobe. She said, “I grew up with my brother and I had lots of male friends in my childhood. I think that’s the reason why I don’t like to wear a feminine dress.” Fashion is all about being comfortable for me. Rather than wearing a messy traditional dress, I would wear comfortable denim pants, jackets, and sneakers. She further revealed that she borrows a dress from her mom and cousins for family functions. 


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