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Published On: July 27, 2022 01:00 PM NPT By: Manawi Shah

5 Mehendi designs

5 Mehendi designs

Shrawan is here, and making mehndi designs on your hand is a must! Perhaps for cultural reasons, or maybe you just like having a pretty pattern temporarily on your hand. You may not be the best artist, or are looking for something minimalistic. Here are some designs to get you started!  

Design 1

One of the most traditional designs of henna, drawing a circle in the middle and having it filled with the top parts of the finger also filled. This design is similar, however, a little more effort and beautiful designs are incorporated to make the simple design look stunning. 

Design 2


A neat, minimalistic design to try out if you aren't steady with your hands for making flowers and complicated patterns. This henna design mostly consists of making straight lines, and swirls. And you can't go wrong with swirls but if mistakes are made, you can always adapt because either way, they'd still end up looking beautiful.

Design 3

This design is quite simple, as it is minimal and not overwhelming with patterns all over the hand. However, it is a little cramped up which can be difficult to tackle if your hands aren't the most steady. But, the design is simple as the main focus points really are, just the flowers. Once they're drawn in, filling in the outsides should not be a hassle!

Design 4

Another simple design, where it consists mainly of making swirls and lines. These swirls are minimal, with dogs and repetitive patterns which are super simple to achieve.

Design 5

This has to be the most simple design in this article that I have posted. Lines with blobs of leaves on it, are repetitive, minimalistic, and would look super neat. 

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