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4 Different ways to use curd

4 Different ways to use curd

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Curd is one of the most important ingredients in the kitchen and an important part of our meals too, especially in summers. The magic potion has innumerable qualities. But do you know about all the creative benefits curd can bring in our lives apart from keeping our body cool? Here are a few surprising uses of curd that will change the way you look at this super food.

1.  Anti-Ageing facial
The good bacterium in curd helps in skin rejuvenation and also improves complexion due to the presence of calcium, vitamin D and protein.

For the facial: Mix ¼ teaspoon fuller’s earth (clay), ¼ teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon yogurt. Apply and let it dry. Rinse off with cold water.

2. The perfect hair conditioner
The presence of vitamins B5 and D makes curd a great option for maintaining healthy hair and follicles. All you have to do is to rub it on and then rinse off after three minutes. For a soothing scalp massage, rub yogurt on the scalp and rinse with lukewarm water after three minutes.

3. Give life to tarnished brass
Could you ever think of bringing curd in use to clean brass items in the house? Yes, it is a perfect substance to clean brass. Just rub plain yogurt on the tarnished brass and as it dries, the lactic acid present in curd dissolves the tarnish. Just rinse off the dried yogurt with water and dry with a soft cloth.

4. Give your dog a shiny fur
This is the most astonishing use of curd one can make. Give a shiny fur to your beloved pet by massaging curd into the coat. Let it stay on for five minutes and rinse and pat dry. Just like curd does wonders to your hair, it leaves its magic on your furry friend too!

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