KATHMANDU, May 20: With the hope of stopping cyber misconducts, some Nepali celebs have formed a Facebook group called ‘Zero tolerance’. The group is a private one and has limited people who share information on issues and seek solutions. The most discussed issue in the group is the portrayal of female celebrities in media platforms.

Here’s to you!

February 28, 2020 09:49 am

First of all, let us take a sip of our doodh chiyas and give a round of applause to Gokul dai for resigning from office. Our former (mis)information mantri can now start writing a weekly column for one of our newspapers since he will have a lot of free time. Gokul dai is not the first mantri to ask for commission from big shady deals. He would have given some of it to his mother party, some to his spouse, some to his near and dear ones and they would all have had some fun with the free illegal money.

KATHMANDU, Dec 10: Prime Minister KP Oli has asked the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) to go tough against corrupt officials so that those holding public positions would act responsibly.

KATHMANDU, Dec 7: Chief Justice Om Prakash Mishra assumed leadership of the judiciary some four months ago with a stated commitment to zero tolerance for corruption. But he has not decided even a single graft case at his own bench.