LALITPUR, July 18: The erstwhile Central Child Welfare Board has been dissolved to be replaced by the National Child Rights Council.

KATHMANDU, Feb 5: UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Felipe González Morales, has recommended effective implementation of existing laws related to labour for the welfare of the migrant workers.

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: Enterprises and the government are at odds over the taxing of the fund transferred to the company-level employee welfare fund. While the government wants to levy tax on welfare fund if that is not spent in line with its purpose, companies say that the decision of the Inland Revenue Department to impose tax on such fund has been problematic for both employees and business firms.

When welfare sabotages lives

January 2, 2018 00:30 am

There is a deeper, unreported problem with the UK’s welfare reform: rather than reduce poverty, it could actually exacerbate it.

Working for welfare

December 22, 2017 10:41 am

GUTHI is a non-governmental organization that offers all kinds of social services. From providing education about environmental conservation and sanitation to the sector of child development and their protection, it has been consistently working for the betterment of the society since the year 2000.

Advocating Animal Welfare

December 2, 2017 07:33 am

Advocating Animal Welfare

Dog Party For Pet Welfare

November 12, 2017 10:09 am

When it comes to opting for a faithful pet, dogs top the list and they are highly preferred among other animals. Acknowledging the importance of pet welfare, the first ever dog party was held at Around the Corner in Bansbari on Saturday.

KATHMANDU, Nov 10: Bibeksheel Sahja Party (BSP)  unveiled its election manifesto on Friday, with a vision of transforming the country into a welfare state  through changes in the system of governance. It called for settling of disputes over the new constitution and promotion of private investment as well as government ownership in the basic services sector.

KATHMANDU, Oct 31: With the focus squarely on social welfare and security, the ruling Nepali Congress (NC) has unveiled its election manifesto for the upcoming federal parliament and provincial assembly polls on Tuesday.

DHARAN, Oct 24: It is a tradition of Nepali people to sing and dance while playing deusi-bhailo during the Tihar festival. Moreover, participants of the tradition usually either distribute the money that they collect among themselves go for a picnic together. This year though, the youths of Dharan took a different approach to utilize the money they earned during deusi-bhailo.

Ensuring Street Dogs’ Welfare

October 18, 2017 08:48 am

A team of three foreign and Nepali women have been working for the welfare of street dogs for a while now. Last year when German tourist Daniela Dris noticed that the condition of street dogs in Kathmandu was worst, she decided to do something for them. She collaborated with Julia Kreps from Poland and Ritu Thapa from Nepal to form a group.

Ensuring Welfare of Street Dogs

August 27, 2017 10:42 am

KATHMANDU, August 27: While many of us seek peace by paying a daily visit to temples and offering respect to the idols that rule as a form of god, 36-year-old Manoj Shakya finds solace in feeding more than a hundred of stray dogs daily. He has been doing this for the past eight years.

Kathmandu, August 11: The ministry of Women, Children, and Social Welfare has unveiled its legal, policy, institutional and organizational reform plan and programme here today.

KATHMANDU, July 31: Nepalis going abroad for employment will now have to deposit up to Rs 2,500 in the Migrant Workers’ Welfare Fund (MWWF), depending on the duration of their work tenure, according to a revised regulation on foreign employment unveiled on Monday.

KATHMANDU, April 7: Minister for Industry, Nabindra Raj Joshi has declared that the state-owned Udayapur Cement Factory and Hetauda Cement Factory will set aside Re 1 to Rs 2 from every sack of cement they sell and the amount thus collected will be used for the welfare of chi

BAJHANG, Jan 30: Locals of many VDCs in Bajhang district are unaware about the budget earmarked for their welfare as the authorities do not make public announcement about it.

KATHMANDU, Jan 25: From now onwards, the kin of a Nepali migrant worker who dies in course of foreign employment will get up to Rs 2.7 million under social welfare and insurance schemes.

KATHMANDU, Aug 29: Amid reports of scores of Nepali migrant workers in foreign land particularly Gulf countries and Malaysia awaiting repatriation for various reasons, millions of rupees meant for their welfare in foreign countries are reported to have been misused.

KATHMANDU, Aug 17: Despite increase in investment by Nepal Army's Welfare Fund in various sectors, the profit declined in the fiscal year 2072/073 due various factors including fluctuation in bank interest rates, the devastating earthquake of April 2015 and Indian blockade.