Bibeksheel Sajha unveils manifesto with vision of welfare state

Published On: November 11, 2017 06:40 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

  •   -Directly-elected prime ministerial system 
  • -Voting right for Nepali citizens abroad 
  • -Referendum on disputed issues of  new constitution
  • -Emphasis on corruption control and good governance 
  • -Promise of talks with India on Lipu Lekh and broader encroachments 
  • -State responsibility for education, health, public transportation, social security 

KATHMANDU, Nov 10: Bibeksheel Sahja Party (BSP)  unveiled its election manifesto on Friday, with a vision of transforming the country into a welfare state  through changes in the system of governance. It called for settling of disputes over the new constitution and promotion of private investment as well as government ownership in the basic services sector. 

The party has proposed a directly-elected prime ministerial system through  constitutional amendment, arguing that the Westmister system has resulted in political instability. The new political party has emphasized corruption control and good governance  through reform in politics and the bureaucracy and the promotion of transparency. 

The party has also unveiled a handbook against corruption, which briefs citizens about major corruption scams in the recent history of the country and the involvement of politicians. 
For long, we as citizens have become victims at the hands of the leaders that we voted for," joint-coordinator of BSP  Rabindra Mishra said, unveiling the manifesto at Sundhara. "As long as our country doesn't prosper, we won't either."

The election manifesto of the party has highlighted the need of state responsibility for education, health, public transportation and social security, and an equitable polity based on social justice, a coordinated market economy and also continuity of the private sector in investments. 

BSP has proposed improvement of the taxation system to encourage investments and derive benefit from the private sector. 

Making the party stance clear on major political issues, the manifesto has demanded referendums on disputed issues including the boundaries of provinces, and constitutional amendments when there are reasonable grounds, while simultaneously implementing the constitution. 

The self-proclaimed alternative political party has stated that it will be a patriotic force but won't engage in radical debate about  nationalistic issues. The party has stated that it believes in balanced foreign relations including with the two neighboring countries and has promised to talk with India about Lipu Lekh, Susta and other broader encroachment disputes. 

The party has stressed the prosperity of the nation through good governance, good financial management, development of infrastructure, social services, commercial farming, development and promotion of tourism and industry and youth employment, among other means. 

Highlighting the party's commitment to environment protection, promotion of sports, social security, regional balance, and protection of cultural and historical heritage and tradition, BSP has also put forth an implementation strategy for its proposed vision. 

"We have commitment, plans, vision and the ability to transform Nepal into a prosperous nation in our lifetime," Mishra said. 

The party has also proposed making  proselytization illegal and protecting traditional religion as well as criminalizing political interference in regular administrative and judicial work, and also making political vandalism an illegal act.

BSP has  expressed public commitment to transparency, integrity, meritocracy and empathy in the party organization and in its work approach, and the adoption of  right to reject and right to recall provisions. 

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