July 5: For some migraine sufferers, the pain is preceded by visual artefacts called aura, which can include seeing wavy lines, flashes of light or blind spots. These are triggered by a wave of electrical activity in the brain, and now researchers at Penn State University have found a way to counter and slow the spread of those signals, which could be the first step towards preventing or lessening migraines before they take hold.

SEOUL, June 19: South Korea, one of the world's largest nuclear electricity producers, will scrap plans to add nuclear power plants, its president said Monday, signaling a shift in decades of reliance on nuclear energy.

STOCKHOLM, Oct 30: The Swedish Academy said on Saturday that Bob Dylan is not obliged to attend the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm, but is required to hold some sort of lecture or even sing a song.

Wrong SAARC signals

October 17, 2016 00:25 am

SAARC Summit was cancelled because of a mixing of the regional economic agenda with bilateral problems

KATHMANDU, July 29: The United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF), a political group that has been unhappy with the new constitution, has shown green singles toward joining the government to be formed by the Nepali Congress-CPN (Moist) alliance.

Increased activities from the Chinese side at the border point, upgradation of the security post, surveillance through CCTV cameras, and construction of physical infrastructures signal that the global economic giant is preparing to resume the transit point. But, is Nepal ready?