KATHMANDU, Nov 18: The government with support of the World Bank (WB) has launched the Rural Enterprise and Economic Development (REED) Project.

Some schools in the district are considering running physical classes soon

Misdiagnosed affliction

January 29, 2020 09:46 am

Recently, a physician affiliated with one of the premier private hospitals in Kathmandu wrote about present day working environment in health sector in a Nepali daily. While he raised some valid issues, including that of mistreatment of service providers, medical college mafia, financial extortions, and improper licensing of facilities and manpower, he argued these matters largely portray physicians as victimized professionals, and likened their predicament to byathaa (an affliction) that they have to endure on a daily basis.

Underage mothers regret early marriage

January 21, 2020 09:59 am

PALPA, Jan 21: Anita Gharti of Gothadi village of Palpa is just 20 but she already has two kids. The elder one is two and the younger one is just four-month-old. The marriageable age, going by the law, is 20 for both male and female. Gharti had married three years ago, when she was 17.