UDAYAPUR, Feb 3: The district hospital of Udayapur has been reeling under severe medicine crunch of late. The hospital lacks many of the life saving drugs for common ailments, including the government-provided free medicines for the needy.

Ilam, Feb 25: Students of the local schools in the southern rim of Ilam district have been reeling under drinking water shortage as the dry season has set in. Since the water sources in the VDCs as Chulachuli, Danabari, Mahamai, Sakphara and Bajho among others are drying up gradually, the schools in the area are also facing drinking water shortage.

DADELDHURA, Jan 28: The rural villagers here are forced to drink the contaminated water of the river after the prime source of water dried up owing to prolonged drought.

GAUSHALA, Jan 9: Locals of over a dozen of VDCs in Mahottari district have been reeling under acute shortage of drinking water.

BAJURA, NOV 7: All nine wards of Koti VDC of Bajura have been facing the shortage of drinking water for years.

NEW YORK, Oct 8:  In a videotaped midnight apology, Donald Trump declared "I was wrong and I apologize" after being caught on tape making shockingly vulgar and sexually charged comments. Yet he also defiantly dismissed the revelations as "nothing more than a distraction" from a decade ago and signaled he would close his presidential campaign by arguing rival Hillary Clinton has committed greater sins against women.

PANCHTHAR, Sept 29: Many villages of Panchthar are reeling under a shortage of essentials, thanks to the disruption of various road sections due to landslides.

PATHARI (Morang), Aug 5: Jante VDC in Mornag district has been reeling under acute drinking water crisis after the flood in Teli rivulet swept away pipeline of Jante Drinking Water Project.