Seven daughters in hope of a son

June 6, 2019 02:30 am

JUMLA, June 6: Five-year-old Bishal Bogati, the only son of Bhakta Bahadur Bogati, 62, of Tila Gufa Municipality in Kalikot district, is undergoing treatment at a hospital in neighboring Jumla for food poisoning.

Taxation and misconception

February 26, 2019 02:36 am

The best way to persuade people to pay tax is by showing by example that service delivery has markedly improved.

Putting off maternal wall

February 14, 2019 17:17 pm

There are many examples of discrimination to these working mothers around the world; such as increasing pay gap between women and men after female employees come back from maternity leave and mothers being less likely to be hired for jobs and more likely to experience demotions and even likely to get fired.