Urvashi Rautela has a huge fascination towards kite flying. The actress has been known to flying kites every year during Makar Sankranti and has participated in competitions as well.


September 21, 2019 18:40 pm

The Week in Pictures for the week September 15-21, 2019.

The kite sellers of Kathmandu

October 12, 2018 08:36 am

Times have changed, and people’s taste and wants too have changed and though what is inherent to our culture shouldn’t be subject to this change, sadly, it is.

Dashain is already at our doorstep and the festival vibe has taken over the city. Many people have started packing to partake in the festival merriment at their native birthplace. However, the vibe isn’t equally awesome for everyone. Some cannot spend their festival as they wished. The students are most likely to go home with an extra burden of festival assignments.

I spy a kite in the Dashain sky

October 4, 2018 07:42 am

KATHMANDU, Oct 4: Air borne kites and the intense aerial battles have been the focal leisure activity during Dashain for ages, until recently. As soon as monsoon ended, the vivid color variations of kites used to engulf the blue sky. Legends suggest that kites are indicators to Lord Indra, the rain god, that the fields had water aplenty. Kites are also believed to send ‘thank-you messages’ to the celestial deities for the abundant rain during monsoon.

The Kite

July 19, 2018 12:00 pm

The boy stood there, All alone in the midst, Gazing upon the sunset,

The kite

June 24, 2018 07:59 am

The boy stood there, All alone in the midst, Gazing upon the sunset,

Kite stories

October 8, 2016 10:03 am

KATHMANDU, Oct 7: Bhaktapur is still recovering from the damages of the 2015 Earthquake but Dashain’s festive mood is still intact at this historical town.