BHAKTAPUR, Feb 16: The government has directed all the community schools across the country not to feed junk food to the students as their mid-day meal.

Community schools distributing junk food

December 29, 2019 08:17 am

TIKAPUR, Dec 29: Some community schools in Lamki Chuha Municipality of Kailali district have been distributing junk food to their students for lunch, it has been learnt.

Eating junk food is bad for health!

December 23, 2018 12:11 pm

KATHMANDU, Dec 23: Food plays a big role in our life because we need food to live. In addition, it affects the shape of our body and helps us grow into an adult. Unfortunately, not all foods are good for health. Such food is known as junk food. For the past many years, junk food has been a part of our life. Whenever we are hungry, we want to have a quick, easy meal. We prefer junk food. It is very delicious. It is easy to eat too. We live in a very competitive society. Time is gold. Therefore, we eat junk food for saving time. This way chips, cheese ball, pizza, hamburgers, soda, fried chicken, oily food etc have replaced the nutritious food in our diet.