TIKAPUR, July 13: Indian Police arrested three Nepali nationals who stole cash and gold from India in Tikuniya today. It is said that the Indian police recovered INR 30 million and 15 kg of gold from them.

KATHMANDU, Dec 15: Indian police have launched a probe into an incident in which two adolescent girls from Nepal were found allegedly kept at a farm against their will and raped for nearly two months at a village named Pilibhit in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh, media reports said.

NEW DELHI, March 24: Police in India’s capital broke up the longest-running protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s citizenship law on Tuesday, citing a ban on public gatherings because of the coronavirus outbreak.

SRINAGAR, Aug 18: Indian security forces injured at least six people on Saturday in Srinagar, the main city in the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir, as several protests broke out against New Delhi’s revocation of the region’s autonomy last week.

NEW DELHI, Aug. 3: As many as seven Naxals were killed Saturday in a fierce gunfight with government forces in the central Indian state of Chattisgarh, media reports said quoting the Indian police.

BARDIYA, Sept 2: Last Sunday, Gopal Chand of Rajapur-6 in Bardiya district sustained injuries after being shot at by Indian security personnel.