An aircraft belonging to Fly Dubai is in stand-by position to fly to Dubai, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Around 154 passengers are ready to board the aircraft after receiving boarding passes from the counter and going through all immigration formalities and security checks.

Numerous seagulls are being taken to a local charity due to vomiting and staggering to walk. Once examined, rescuers found them bloated and reeking of alcohol.

JAJARKOT, May 5: A teacher of a school based in Khurpa area of Kushe rural municipality – 5 has been expelled after he discarded warnings to not come to school in a drunken state.

KATHMANDU, Dec 25: A total of 245 people were penalized for driving under the influence of alcohol in Christmas Eve last night.

POKHARA, Sept 23: Cases of drunk driving is on the rise with the public gripped by the fervor of two greatest festivals of the Hindus - Dashain and Tihar.

Man kills wife in drunken stupor

June 14, 2017 12:23 pm

SURKHET, June 14: A husband has murdered his wife in a drunken stupor by using a stick here at Koldanda of Birendranagar – 2.

PAANCHTHAR, Jan 30: A person killed his friend in a state of excessive inebriation at Prangbung – 8, Paanchthar on Sunday.

Drunken man sets wife on fire in Banke

January 20, 2017 13:52 pm

NEPALGUNJ, Jan 20: A man has set his wife on fire after dousing her in kerosene in Banke district.

LONDON, Jan 2: Television personality Katie Price was branded an utter disgrace after she made explicit sexual propositions to a man in front of his girlfriend at a party.

RUTLAND TOWN, July 25: Vermont State Police say a drunken driver was playing "Pokémon Go" on his cellphone when he crashed his car.

BANGKOK, June 21: Several convicted drunken drivers were brought to a Bangkok morgue today to see a corpse and reflect on the gory consequences of their actions as part of a program aimed at combating the carnage on Thailand's roads.