Festivals add to the number of drunken driving cases

Published On: September 24, 2017 03:00 AM NPT By: Santosh Subedi

POKHARA, Sept 23: Cases of drunk driving is on the rise with the public gripped by the fervor of two greatest festivals of the Hindus - Dashain and Tihar.

This has not just threatened the security of passengers but also of pedestrians. In order to avoid any mishap, the traffic police in Pokhara have tightened their screws and are strictly monitoring the activities of drivers.

High on festive spirit, drivers are being caught driving vehicles under influence of alcohol posing serious threat to others. Last month, as many as 467 people were punished for driving under the influence of alcohol, which is the highest recorded case this year. 

As informed by Sub-Inspector Shiva Thapa of District Traffic Police Office, Kaski, by mid-August, 132 drivers were punished for drunk driving. However, the number of such cases leapfrogged suddenly in September. He further informed that by mid-September they collected Rs 467,000 in revenue from the drivers who were charged for drinking and driving. The total revenue collected in August was Rs 132,000.

As per the details provided by DTPO, Kaski, in the fiscal year 2017/18, as many as 1,824 people have been charged for drunk driving. Altogether, Rs 1.8 million has been collected from the drivers so far. 

"We have increased checkings at various places as we don't want anyone to lose their lives or injure themselves in accidents," said Thapa. According to police, 19 accidents have been recorded in the last two months in the district.

Besides that, traffic police are also advising passengers to ensure their safety by their own by being smart. They have been suggesting people see the number plates of the vehicle in which they are traveling. As per the new traffic rules, no passenger vehicle can carry heavy loads and materials other than the passengers. If found violating the rule, they will be fined hefty amount and will also be punished. 

"If vehicles are caught holding more number of passengers than the capacity of the vehicle, they will get a stern punishment," Thapa informed. He said a single mistake of a driver can claim innocent lives. 


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