Government will add number of local level: PM Dahal

Published On: March 5, 2017 01:40 PM NPT

BIRATNAGAR, March 5: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that agitating Madhesh based parties will participate in the election once the number of the local level will be added. He added that the government will submit the report to the election commission including the added number of local level along with fixing the demarcation.

The cabinet meeting on Sunday evening will endorse the report of local level with demarcation, said PM Dahal, adding that Madheshi Front will come up to participate in the election once the number of the local level is added in Tarai-Madhesh.

Speaking at a function to mark the convocation ceremony of Prubanchal University here, PM Dahal informed that the ruling alliance is trying to convince the Madhesh based alliance by addressing their demands.  

There is no possibility of postponing the election, reaffirmed PM Dahal, reiterating that the government is trying to create the environment to include the agitating group for the election, for which the government is in regular contact with CPN-UML. He believed that the agitating group will participate in the election.

Amendment is not necessary for the local election, said PM Dahal, and added that the clause related with the federal election and central election is included in the amendment.

He said that he is still trying his optimum effort to include all regions to participate in the election.

He went on saying that the Mechi-Mahakali campaign of the CPN-UML will help the election and assured that the government will provide security to the campaign. The government is concerned about the security of the campaign for which it is in regular contact with the CPN-UML and Madheshi Front, said PM Dahal.     


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