KATHMANDU, March 28: Chairman of CPN (Unified Socialist) Madhav Kumar Nepal has reminded that the party he was leading was formed against an authoritarian leader who emerged in the camouflage of communist in the country. The Unified Socialist party will create public trust and mandate against such authoritarian leaders, he reiterated.

How to judge Oli government?

February 18, 2020 09:13 am

The longest serving and a stable government post-2008 has failed where it should have succeeded and succeeded where it should have failed

KATHMANDU, Aug 27: Legal experts, activists and civil society leaders say that the current government of KP Oli is increasingly showing tendencies of an authoritarian and totalitarian state. Senior advocate Dinesh Tripathi said that the government's decision to bar former Maoist child soldier Lenin Bista from traveling to Thailand to attend a conference is deeply troubling. He further said this is a gross abuse of power invested in the government by the people.

An authoritarian template

March 12, 2018 01:30 am

With a two-third majority, Chief Ministers on their knees in every state and constitutional protection, Singh Durbar is ready for Oli soliloquy. Go grab a garland, here cometh another strongman