RUKUM, June 11: There are many highlands in Rukum (West) where people do not really have to seek permission from any authority to pick Yarsa, a prized medicinal fungus. However, various committees are exercising monopoly by charging entry fees and taxing the Yarsa pickers.

DOLPA, June 7: A week after the reported deaths of five Yarsa pickers in the highlands of Dolpa, three more people have succumbed to extreme cold and high altitude sickness this week.

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DOLPA, June 6: Eight people who had gone to various highlands of Dolpa to collect Yarsa have died due to extreme cold.

DOLPA, June 3: Around a dozen teams of doctors on Sunday reached different pastures of Dolpa for conducting mobile health camps following the untimely deaths of three yarsa collectors within a week.

DOLPA, June 2: Three people who had gone to various highlands of Dolpa to collect Yarsa have died in the last one week due to extreme cold.

JUMLA, April 9: Patarasi Rural Municipality of Jumla has launched a campaign to prevent school students from going to the highlands to pick Yarsagumba, a prized medicinal herb.

MUGU, June 30: After spending a month in the high hills of Mugu, yarsagumba collectors have finally returned back to their homes.

DARCHULA, June 29: Over 30 kgs Yarsagumba have been so far exported from Darchula district this year.

GORKHA, June 3: The settlements in the northern parts of Gorkha district are almost deserted at present. Hardly any youths can be seen here. Apart from teachers, elected representatives and employees of firms and organizations, those settlements do not have any population between the age of 20 to 50.

JUMLA, May 21: The schools of Patarasi Rural Municipality of Jumla wear a deserted look as students have headed toward highlands for picking yarsagumba, a prized medicinal herb with aphrodisiacal properties.

RUKUM, May 7: With the objective of protecting Yarsa, a valuable herb with aphrodisiac function, from extinction, the Yarsa   Management Committee (YMC) in the district has banned picking Yarsa in Syalkhadi of Athbiskot Municipality-2 for the next three years.

DOLPA, May 1: Schools in remote areas of Dolpa have started wearing a deserted look as students prepare to head toward the highlands for picking Yarsagumba, a valuable herb with aphrodisiac properties.

BAJHANG, April 22: With the beginning of the new academic session, parents were just preparing to enroll their children to schools when a large number of schools in the rural parts of Bajhang were shut down due to the arrival of the Yarsa-picking season.

Yarsa collection charge increases

April 16, 2018 08:51 am

TRIPURAKOT,  April 16 (RSS): Extra charge of Rs 500 has been slapped while collecting Yarsa in the mountainous district, Dolpa, from this year.

RUKUM, June 27: Yarsa collectors swarming over highlands of Rukum have returned home to exercise their voting rights in the historic local elections slated for June 28.

MUGU, June 11:  Lack of proper management of waste materials, garbage and human feces in various pasturelands of eastern Mugu is not just giving rise to environmental pollution but is also affecting the health of Yarsa collectors.

BAJHANG, May 11: Without the consent of the District Education Office (DEO), 60 schools of Bajhang have announced three months of holiday for the teachers and students to pick yarsa.

RUKUM, May 2: With the recent political developments casting doubt over holding the local polls, the election fever has fizzled out in Rukum district and the people have decided to move on with their normal activities for making their living.

DARCHULA, July 16: After a ban in trade of yarsagumba in India, smuggling of the rare medicinal herb into Nepal has been on the rise in Darchula district which shares boarder with the southern neighbor.