SAN FRANCISCO, March 9: Federal and state officials in California were preparing Monday to receive thousands of people from a cruise ship that has been idling off the cost of San Francisco with at least 21 people aboard infected with the novel coronavirus.

LOS ANGELES, March: The coronavirus outbreak radiated across the United States on Thursday, surfacing in at least four new states and San Francisco as Congress quickly approved more than $8 billion to fight the outbreak.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 6: Coronavirus test results were expected Friday for some passengers and crew aboard a cruise ship held off the California coast.

SAN DIEGO, May 23: Two beloved, elderly lions have died at zoos in California.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 7: A gas explosion in a San Francisco neighborhood shot flames into the air for hours Wednesday and burned five buildings, sending panicked residents and workers fleeing into the streets.

WASHINGTON DC, Oct 24: A federal appeals court in San Francisco has reinstated a lawsuit by a group of former child slaves accusing food conglomerates Nestle and Cargill of perpetuating slavery at Ivory Coast cocoa farms.