SAN FRANCISCO, July 29: The city of San Francisco has opened a complaint and launched an investigation into a giant “X” sign that was installed Friday on top of the downtown building formerly known as Twitter headquarters as owner Elon Musk continues his rebrand of the social media platform.

The Breakthrough Prize ceremony, which honors “scientists changing the world” with sizable cash prizes, came to Hollywood for the first time on Saturday night, having previously been held in San Francisco — and the world’s top innovators were surrounded by more stars than one can see in a telescope, as per the report by The Hollywood Reporter.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 9: Federal and state officials in California were preparing Monday to receive thousands of people from a cruise ship that has been idling off the cost of San Francisco with at least 21 people aboard infected with the novel coronavirus.

LOS ANGELES, March: The coronavirus outbreak radiated across the United States on Thursday, surfacing in at least four new states and San Francisco as Congress quickly approved more than $8 billion to fight the outbreak.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 6: Coronavirus test results were expected Friday for some passengers and crew aboard a cruise ship held off the California coast.

SAN DIEGO, May 23: Two beloved, elderly lions have died at zoos in California.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 7: A gas explosion in a San Francisco neighborhood shot flames into the air for hours Wednesday and burned five buildings, sending panicked residents and workers fleeing into the streets.

WASHINGTON DC, Oct 24: A federal appeals court in San Francisco has reinstated a lawsuit by a group of former child slaves accusing food conglomerates Nestle and Cargill of perpetuating slavery at Ivory Coast cocoa farms.