TRIVENI (RUKUM WEST), April 21: One person died in a fire that took place in Bamfikot Rural Municipality-3 of Rukum Pachim. The deceased has been identified as 70-year-old Budi Kami.

TRIVENI (RUKUM WEST), March 4: A Covid-19 vaccination campaign is going to be conducted in Rukum West from today.

RUKUM WEST, March 3: The Aathbiskot Municipality-3 of Rukum West has implemented a provision that the dates of birth of the bridegroom and the bride must be mentioned on the wedding invitation card.

RUKUM WEST, March 2: A total of 30,831 beneficiaries in Rukum West, which was damaged by the Jajarkot earthquake on November 3, have received the first installment amount so far.

JAJARKOT, Jan 20: A total of 27,091 people have received the first installment of grant support for temporary housing in Jajarkot.

RUKUM PASCHIM, Jan 5: The Rukum West district has produced 21 metric tons of honey this year and the market value for the honey is some 25 million rupees.

TRIBENI (RUKUM WEST), Dec 31: The people affected by the November 3 earthquake in Rukum West have received the first installment of monetary assistance meant for building temporary shelters. They numbered 19,717.

KATHMANDU, Dec 20: The government is going to start a TCV vaccination campaign against measles-rubella and typhoid in earthquake-affected Jajarkot and Rukum West.

KATHMANDU, Dec 6: Twenty-four individuals have been sentenced to life imprisonment by the District Court of Rukum West for their involvement in the murder of six people, including Nabaraj BK, in the Soti village of Chaurjahari Municipality-8 in Rukum West.

KATHMANDU, Dec 1: The government has estimated a cost Rs 5 billion to build temporary housing for the earthquake victims of Jajarkot and Rukum West districts.

JAJARKOT, Nov 28: With the heavy loss of damages to physical properties, mostly the buildings, as a result of the Jajarkot earthquake that occurred on November 3, the new mothers, senior citizens and children are severely affected.

KATHMANDU, Nov 25: The provincial government has taken responsibility for rebuilding government and public structures damaged by the Jajarkot earthquake, according to Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning Bedraj Singh.

KATHMANDU, Nov 21:  A team of engineers appointed by the government has recommended the relocation of settlements in the municipalities of Jajarkot and Rukum West, deeming them unsafe. In their report, submitted upon returning to Kathmandu, the team proposes a government-led initiative to reinforce all houses in Jajarkot and West Rukum due to their precarious conditions.

TRIBENI (RUKUM WEST), Nov 20: Five people were killed in separate road accidents in Rukum West, a district in Karnali Province, and Jhapa, a district in Koshi Province.

KATHMANDU, Nov 20: Two people including a child died in a jeep accident in Garijeula in Chaurjahari Municipality of Rukum West on Monday.

21 injured in jeep accident in Rukum West

November 20, 2023 11:16 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 20:  At least 21 passengers were injured in a jeep accident at Garijeula in Chaurjahari Municipality of Rukum West today.

TRIBENI (Rukum West), Nov 18: The first phase of relief distribution has been completed in various places of Rukum West hit by the Jajarkot earthquake. Although rescue efforts were completed the day after the quake, the first phase of relief distribution was over on Friday after two weeks, informed Assistant Chief District Officer Prabesh Baduwal.

TRIBENI (Rukum West), Nov 12: The November 3 earthquake-stricken Rukum West received a shipment of 2,632 tents on Saturday. Assistant Chief District Officer of Rukum West, Prabesh Badhuwal, confirmed this.

LAMIDANDA (Jajarkot), Nov 11: Despite the district disaster management committee claiming that relief materials have reached the genuine earthquake victims in Jajarkot, the victims have complained of being deprived of the materials.

KATHMANDU, Nov 9: Film artists and producers have extended cash assistance to the earthquake survivors of Jajarkot and Rukum West.

KATHMANDU, Nov 8: CARE Nepal, a humanitarian aid organization fighting global poverty, has joined hands with the government and local partners to provide immediate relief and support to the quake victims of Jajarkot and Rukum West, with a particular focus on women and people with disabilities.

Kathmandu, Nov 7: President Ram Chandra Paudel is leaving for earthquake hit districts, Jajarkot and Rukum West, today.

KATHMANDU, Nov 6: The Industry and Commerce, and Labour and Consumer Interest Committee under the House of Representatives has directed the government to make arrangements for easy availability of daily essentials and medicines in the earthquake-ravaged areas of Jajarkot and Rukum West.

Quake-injured dies in Bheri Hospital

November 4, 2023 13:45 pm

NEPALGUNJ, Nov 4: One person who was injured in the earthquake died during treatment.

SURKHET, Nov 4: The Karnali Province government has been engaging in the rescue of those injured in the earthquake that struck Jajarkot and Rukum West districts last night.

KATHMANDU, Nov 4: In response to the earthquake in Jajarkot, the government has authorized the immediate disbursement of Rs 100 million to aid the earthquake victims. Additionally, the Home Ministry decided to allocate Rs 5.5 million to the disaster relief funds of both Jajarkot and Rukum West districts, aiming to support the rescue and relief operations for the affected individuals.

KATHMANDU, Nov 4: The number of people who died in the 6.14 magnitude earthquake in Jajarkot and Rukum West district last night has reached 133. The epicenter of the earthquake that struck at 11:47 PM was located in Lamidada, Jajarkot.

KATHMANDU, Nov 4: Of the 36 people who died in the earthquake in Rukum West, 27 have been successfully identified.

Woman killed in hotel, suspect arrested

October 18, 2023 13:13 pm

RUKUM WEST, Oct 18: Police have arrested a suspect in connection with the murder of a woman who was found dead at Satkar Hotel in Musikot Municipality-1, Khalanga, Rukum West.

Rolpa, May 25: At least five people were killed in a jeep accident in Rukum West on Thursday.

RUKUM WEST, Nov 25: Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has been elected to the House of Representatives (HoR) from Rukum West. A common candidate of the ruling alliance, Sharma secured 39, 549 votes. His closest competitor Nandaram Devkota of the CPN-UML got 12,961 votes, said Chief Election Officer Khadga Bahadur KC.

ROLPA, Nov 24: In Rukum West, Janardan Sharma, the candidate of the Maoist Center for the member of the House of Representatives (HoR), has increased his vote margin. As a total of 29, 850 votes have been counted so far, Sharma got 19, 693 votes, while Nanda Ram Devkota of CPN-UML received 4,907 votes.

ROLPA, Nov 23: In Rukum West, Janardan Sharma, the candidate of the CPN (Maoist Center) for the member of the House of Representatives (HoR), has been increasing his margin of votes.

RUKUM WEST, August 8: A man has died after being stung by hornets in Tribeni Rural Municipality in Rukum West. Subarna Sunar of the rural municipality-1, who was stung by hornets four days ago died on Sunday while being taken to Nepalgunj for treatment, said local people.

DANG, May 12: Three persons have been injured in a clash that erupted between the cadres belonging to Nepali Congress and CPN (Maoist Center) in Rukum West.

BIRENDRANAGAR, Nov 28: The death toll in a jeep accident in Athbiskot Municipality-8 in Rukum West has climbed to five as one of the injured passengers while being rushed to hospital for treatment.

BIRENDRANAGAR, July 28: Two persons were killed when a landslide triggered by incessant rainfall swept away a house in Banphikot Rural Municipality-9 in Rukum West on Tuesday morning. The deceased have been identified as Nabin Kumar Sunar, 22, and Bal Bahadur Sunar,16.

Chaurjahari installing PCR machine

June 30, 2020 09:37 am

RUKUM (WEST), June 30: Chaurjahari Municipality here has purchased an RTPCR machine for conducting coronavirus tests. The municipality bought the machine on its own reasoning that it took a long time to receive reports of the swab sent to other districts such as Surkhet, Jumla and Dang for testing.

Two held with leopard skin

October 26, 2019 14:31 pm

MUSIKOT, Oct 26: Two people were arrested with a leopard hide in Rukum West. Those arrested with the skin of protected animal are Chhaya BK aka Arjun, 21, from Puthauttarganga rural municipality-14, Rukum East and Ganesh Nepali, 19, from Ghorahi sub-metropolis-12.

RUKUM WEST, Aug 5: Rising water-level in the Thulo Bheri River has caused rampant soil erosion at Manakabagar of Aathbiskot municipality-6 in Rukum West.

RUKUM WEST, July 14: A total of 12 people from Musikot Municipality-1 in Rukum West became ill after eating wild mushroom.