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Why always the politicians?

Published On: October 8, 2016 09:57 AM NPT By: Bikash Bhandari

We are developing a culture of chastising politicians for not meeting our demands. It’s easy to pinpoint the faults of others but why don’t we question ourselves first before accusing others? I’m not defending the politicians here, I am just asking every individual an honest question: How are we different from them in our day-to-day life?

In Kathmandu, I often travel on public vehicles. Inside, I see the fortunate ones taking the seats and the unfortunate ones standing. But what sickens me is the scene where the well-to-do youngsters are resting comfortably on their seats, ignoring the old aged people who quietly stand. Here lies the problem: If it’s so hard for us to leave our seat even for a fifteen or twenty minute ride, isn’t it worthless to expect political leaders to renounce their lucrative chair when they are in the position? Let’s judge ourselves before we weigh others.

Now let’s examine our day-to-day activities inside our family. Whenever we have our lunch or dinner, it’s our mother who serves the food but eats her meal at the end. As we devour the food, we completely ignore her presence. We are so selfish. 

We first quench our thirst and only then think about the rest of the world. The case is the same for the leaders. Why will they put others before their self-interests?

It is not unusual to see conflict among members of the same family. They have diverse interests and opinions. They quibble on petty things. Siblings contest over TV remote as well as ancestral property, so why is it surprising to us to see politicians, who don’t have any blood relations, fighting for power? 

Castigating politicians isn’t a proper solution. They are not Gods but people like us. They are the reflection of our society, our moral thinking and our culture. Let’s look at ourselves and first change our ways before lecturing others to change. The stream will be clear only if the fountainhead is undiluted. 

Bhandari is a computer engineer who recently graduated from Pulchowk Engineering Campus. He is originally from Pokhara. 

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