KATHMANDU, Oct 4: Visiting Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives, Milton Dick, paid a courtesy call on Speaker Devraj Ghimire on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, July 21: The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has decided to honor four persons with the BP Koirala National Award.

Instead of relying on foreign healthcare systems, politicians should redirect their efforts toward modernizing and improving the quality of Nepal's health institutions. Increased budget allocation, along with the integration of modern technology, is crucial to enhancing healthcare services and making them more comprehensive.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent in mainstream consciousness, thanks in part to applications like ChatGPT. The emergence of new generative AI tools like ChatGPT has highlighted that AI is no longer confined to academic research or sci-fi stories like 'Ghost in the Shell,' which depict a futuristic world where humans merge with cybernetic technology.

As we delve deeper into the era of artificial intelligence (AI), it has become evident that its transformative power knows no bounds. From revolutionizing our daily lives to reshaping entire societal and political systems, the potential of AI is awe-inspiring. While the idea of replacing politicians with AI may appear implausible to some, it's worth considering given the shortcomings of the current political landscape.

Setting a Good Precedent

April 14, 2023 07:53 am

In recent years, Nepal has seen numerous cases of corruption and misconduct by politicians. In many cases, these politicians have been able to evade punishment due to their political connections and influence. This lack of accountability has eroded public trust in politicians and the political system as a whole. This has put the fate of democracy in the country itself in serious jeopardy.

The next elections are scheduled for November 20. We all should take this as a golden opportunity and cast our ballots such that we don’t have to repent for the next five years. This is an opportunity which should not be missed. Let’s throw the snollygosters out of political offices and other positions of power. Let’s stop them this time.

KATHMANDU, August 5: CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has said that there is a rumor that all politicians should be put in the same basket and scolded in a delusional way.

BUTWAL, June 15: Lumbini Province’s State Minister for Health Bimala Wali has been admitted to a hospital after ‘suddenly falling ill’. According to the Chief Whip of the CPN (Maoist Center), Bashant Gharti Magar, Minister Wali has been brought to Butwal and admitted to Lumbini Provincial Hospital since last night ‘due to health problems’.

KATHMANDU, March 20: Subash Chandra Nembang, vice-chairperson of the main opposition party CPN-UML, has remarked that the leaders who have left the party are now scared as the local level election is nearing. He seemed assured that the UML would be the first party in the upcoming election.

KATHMANDU, Jan 7: The government of Nepal has decided to formulate guidelines to manage the taking of the salute by the people's representatives and high-ranking officials of the state. The procedure and criteria for taking the salute have not been formulated so far.

Investing in infrastructure

February 12, 2020 12:11 pm

An international expert on transport and highway engineering, after making a visit to major road infrastructures in Nepal, commented that there is no single stretch of road in Nepal that is worth of calling a highway. According to this expert, there are certain parameters for any road to be called highway which is determined on the basis of width of the road, engineering design, geometry, quality of pavement, and provision on safety of pedestrians, passengers and vehicles.

KATHMANDU, Feb 7: After the CIAA filed a corruption case dragging influential politicians into the Lalita Niwas land scam, experts have raised questions over the anti-graft body’s investigation procedures as some high-profile individuals allegedly connected to the scam were let off the hook.

Gear up Nepal-China railway project

June 23, 2019 02:25 am

We talk a lot. Work less. This has become a national disease in our country mainly in the context of carrying out important development projects. Mostly politicians sell dreams of big projects during elections, budget speeches and other occasions. Such promises often complicate situation as the leaders make lofty promises without doing even basic study on such projects.

SINDHUPALCHOWK, Jan 1: Climate experts and representatives of local units from all 77 districts gathered at Jyamire Guphadanda of Melamchi Municipality-9 in Sindhupalchowk district on Monday to attend the National Climate Change Summit.

Height of moral deficiency, says ex-chief secretary Koirala

KATHMANDU, Oct 29: The then State Minister for Physical Planning and Works Sanjaya Kumar Sah did not return the Toyota Prado car, which he used in the capacity of state minister, to Melamchi Water Supply Project. Police recovered the car with registration number Ba 4 Cha 1503 left in broken state in a forest in Mahottari district some two years ago.

BAJHANG, Aug 6: Mangal Aauji of Masta Rural Municipality - 1 still remembers several bitter incidences from his childhood, where he was discriminated on the basis of his caste. He remembers how people belonging to the so-called higher caste would treat him lowly but he would fail to understand for doing so.

KATHMANDU, July 31: Ahead of every election, the Sikta Irrigation Project dominates the electioneering. But all the poll contestants conveniently sideline the project once the election is over.

Britain's MPs take on the social network and other US tech giants.

KATHMANDU, Dec 14: The country has been mired in a prolonged political transition for several decades now. As result, youths have been forced out of the country in search of better opportunities and a better future. Director Pradip Kumar Chaudhary’s short play called ‘Masaantaar’ revolves around the plot that holds political leaders responsible for driving the country to ruins.

SAPTARI, Nov 30: Upendra Mukhiya of Tirhut village in Saptari had a normal life until six months back. When flood wreaked havoc in the district on 11 July, Mukhiya lost his house and belongings within a few minutes. However, that was not all. On August 14, the floods swept away his land and forced his family to live in makeshift hut.

KHOTANG, Nov 3: People of the underprivileged Dalit community in Khotang district have expressed great disappointment with the political parties for using them only as a 'vote bank'. During a program organized at Hotel Shuvadin in the district headquarters Diktel on Thursday, Stakeholders of various authorities discussed caste-based discrimination, untouchability and the national and international laws regarding them.

PANCHTHAR, June 17: With the second phase of local elections approaching nearer, the leading politicians of Panchthar have very tight schedules these days as they are expected to attend almost all mass gatherings, meetings and other promotional programs conducted by their parties.

KATHMANDU, May 12: While millions of people are preparing to cast their votes to elect their local level representatives after two decades on Sunday, most of the senior leaders including the president, former president and former prime ministers will not cast their vote in the first phase of the local polls.

US politicians call on PM Dahal

May 7, 2017 19:10 pm

KATHMANDU, May 7: A team of US politicians led by leader of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Sunday.

JHAPA, Jan 25: Politics should have been the last thing to be entertained in an academic institution. However, community schools in Jhapa are fully under political influence, thanks to the politicians’ control over the management committee.

Politicians let us down: Flood victims

January 23, 2017 08:23 am

DANG, Jan 23: Three days after the devastating flood swept away houses and killed dozens of people in Dang and Surkhet in August, 2014, the then Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam rushed to the affected areas to meet the victims.

The government of Nepal so far has distributed more than Rs. 70 million to top leaders in the name of medical expenses.

Why always the politicians?

October 8, 2016 09:57 am

We are developing a culture of chastising politicians for not meeting our demands. It’s easy to pinpoint the faults of others but why don’t we question ourselves first before accusing others?