What was your highlight of 2019?

Published On: December 27, 2019 09:22 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

As another year comes to an end, most people think about their high points and low points from the year. For some, this might’ve been a very good and fulfilling year. For others, it might’ve been the exact opposite. Here, a few people tell The Week all about their year and what it brought in their lives.

Sanzivani, Learner
I started 2019 by losing some people and finding some. As per work, I volunteered in Earth Hour 2019 Eco Jam by WWF Nepal. It helped raise awareness about Shreejana Thakuri's animal shelter. I also helped my friends prepare for a few festivals. The animal rights awareness and adoption Instagram page I operate with my team, @lifewithfurs got featured in the national paper which was a huge deal for our team. This year taught me to be strong and to keep up my spirit. For me, the high point of 2019 was everything I did and learned. To 2020, all I say is, "I'm ready, bring it on."

Pratibha Pant , Student
The year 2019 was the most adventurous for me as I got to explore places and travel. The biggest moment for me this year was when my parents allowed me to travel alone for the first time. It was the first step of them letting me off the loophole of overprotectiveness and strictness. This helped me experience things I will forever remember. I followed my heart and made the milestone of finally becoming more independent. This makes me feel that 2020 is going to be even better for me. 

Aru Yajju, Accountant 
I've always been fascinated by a credit card. I knows it's stupid but it's always been one of my goals to get one. In 2019, my workplace offered me a credit card. All I did was fill up forms and I was golden! The day I got my card, I went home, installed Daraz on my phone and asked my mom if she wanted anything. Thinking I was only teasing her, she showed me this beautiful lehenga. Five minutes later, she gets a text on her phone saying that her order is confirmed and paid for.

Dibya Gautam, Student
My college trip to Manali is probably my highlight of 2019. The trip was 7 days long and happened very recently – earlier this December and I had a lot of fun during the trip with my college mates. I also got to play around on the snow – throwing snowballs at my friends and what not! This was the first time I experienced snow so that alone was very exciting for me.

Asin Pokharel, Student
I think coming to Kathmandu for my undergraduate studies has been the highlight of my 2019. I am currently majoring in Cyber Security but I initially came here thinking I’d study some other subject. That didn’t work out but I’m glad I choose this major because it has a lot of scope in today’s world. Although I do miss my parents while living in Kathmandu, I get to visit other relatives from my extended family a lot – so it kind of makes up for it.

Chandan Mishra, Civil Engineer
Having studied in Budhanilkantha School, I’ve spent my years with a diverse group of people. I always wanted to open a school where children from different parts could come and study. The year 2019 was the most special year for me since I got to lead ‘Bloom Nepal’ school, an institution that educates students from all over the country in a residential setting and promotes the idea of passion based education. From this school, we try to follow the motto of honor, respect and competence. I can say I am finally doing what I had been dreaming of.

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