Two girls gang-raped

Published On: June 24, 2019 12:45 PM NPT By: RSS

RUPANDEHI, June 24: Two gangs of at least eight people have raped two girls at Gaidahawa rural municipality of Rupandehi district, said the police.

Although the rape took place on June 17, it came to light later as the rapists threatened the rape survivors with death, said the local people. One of the rapists Jiban Gyawali has been arrested, and a rape case has been filed against him, said Inspector Shankar Pokharel, adding that a search has been launched for other fleeing rapists.

On that fateful evening, local resident Bishnu Tharu called the two girls in their early 20s to his home for a snack. After having snack, they were about to leave. But Bishnu had a plan, who called his two colleagues and they together pounced on them and raped one of the girls. However, another girl managed to escape the clutches of the rapists, but only to be raped by another gang of five local men involving arrestee Gyawali in her attempt to run to safety.

The girl escaped, reached nearby village of Hasanapur and begged the gang of the men for a help, but only to be raped by them. The youths raped her instead, said Tek Bahadur Balal, chairperson of Gaidahawa-9.

"Many men are involved in the rape according to the rape survivors. However, only a rapist has been arrested so far. All rapists should be booked, and the girls get justice," he said. The rape survivors are receiving treatment and their health is said to be normal.

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