Tigress with cubs enters settlement, locals terrified

Published On: January 3, 2020 09:21 AM NPT By: Yogesh Rawal

TIKAPUR, Jan 3: A tigress, accompanied by its two cubs, is reported to have been frequenting the settlements of Joshipur and Janaki rural municipalities for the last one week. According to the locals, the tigress continues to be spotted in the nursery at the bank of the local Pathraiya River. Near the Pathraiya River, there are human settlements in villages of Shankarpur, Jhabahi, Manuwa, Hasnapur, Baani and Jawalpur. The people in these villagers are even afraid to get outside of their homes even in day time. 

The locals say that they have seen the tigress many times in a banana farm nearby. Farmer Nep Bahadhur Chaudhary said, “The tigress has been seen a lot of times in my banana farm which is close to the nursery. However, no human casualty has been reported so far.”

After the tigress started visiting the farm, the workers are terrified. So, Chaudhary has prevented his workers from going to the farm for the past some days. If anything important comes up, he has been sending his workers after making security arrangements.

Though the tigress is seen in the nursery and the farm in day time, it enters the human settlement at night in search of food. Many goats and dogs in the villages have already become its prey. The villagers have been staying awake all night to stop the animal from coming to their settlement. However their effort has been in vain. 

Anil Jung Kunwar, a local said, “The fear of the tiger entering our homes has made it impossible to sleep. Keeping our cattle safe has become a difficult task.” 

After the locals asked him to take the tigress under control, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of the Area Police Office, Tikapur, Manohar Prashad Bhatta, corresponded with the District Administration Office and it has been learnt that the administration will talk with the national park authorities. 

Police have requested the locals to be on alert and not to go the places where the tigress and its cubs have been spotted. 

According to locals, tigers used to visit this place in the past too for going to India’s Duduwa National Park and Nepal’s Chure region. 

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