Challenges in the management of rescued tigers

Three tigers are being shifted to the Barandabhar forest

Published On: June 28, 2022 05:45 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

DEV NAGAR, June 28: Three tigers rescued earlier are being sheltered in the Devnagar, Barandabhar forest. As the population of the tigers have increased uncontrollably in the Chitwan National Park and adjacent areas, a rescue facility in Devnagar is being set up.

As the number of tigers in trouble has increased, the search for alternative places for their settlement has begun. Currently, three tigers are in a cage in the park. As the number of tigers has increased, the growing cubs don’t have enough habitat due to which they enter human settlements for food and even attack people. Thus, organized space is needed to keep these tigers alive.

The tiger cub leaves its mother after two years and six months in search of a new home. Haribandra Acharya, Chief Conservation Officer at Chitwan National Park said that the efforts to house the tigers at the rescue center in Devnagar's Barandabhar forest region have begun. A concrete wall has been put up in the forest area.

Preparations are underway to construct a massive cage in the forest to house wild animals such as tigers, rhinos, and leopards. According to him, the cage will be able to house up to 10 tigers.

The general public may be allowed to enter the center where the wildlife animals are kept in exchange for a certain amount of fees. It may also help in the rise of the economy. Currently, there are two tigers in Kasara and one in Sauraha.

Kasara is home to two tigers. One of the tigers among them is an eight-year-old male tiger acquired from Banke. Another is a 10-year-old male tiger that was captured in Devnagar Community Forest two years ago.

A 7-year-old male tiger has been confined at the Wildlife Hospital cage in Bharatpur's Radha Krishna Community Forest. In the past ten days alone, tigers attacked two humans. So far, 16 individuals have died as a result of tiger attacks during this fiscal year. One of the workers was killed within the park. Two people perished in the Daunne forest, while 13 others died in the adjacent forest.

This is the highest number of people killed by tigers in a single year. According to Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, the park's information officer, five people were killed by tigers in the previous fiscal year. It is estimated that the incidents have occurred as the number of tigers has increased. Chitwan National Park has 93 tigers, according to the 2018 census. At the time, there were 235 tigers in the country.

With the increased tiger population, a model grassland is set to be constructed within the park. The park is aiming to provide a habitat for tigers and their prey species. Tiwari claims that since the national park cannot be enlarged any further it is necessary to manage the present area.

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