'Those who behave like a monarch in republic will face music'

Published On: March 6, 2019 06:41 PM NPT

KATHMANDU, March 6: People have vented their fury on social networking sites over the VIP motorcade recently conducted by President Bidya Bhandari.

Facebook and Twitter users have passed their comments in support of a viral video that shows a large number of bikers bulldozing the motorcade halt along the Sheetal Niwas-Ratnapark-Sundhara road section.

Reacting to the motorcade, TV Journalist Rabi Lamichhane wrote, “Whoever goes to the temple by putting people in trouble will not earn blessings at all.” I can advocate this issue.”

Similarly, Senior journalist Sudheer Sharma wrote, “The time has come for Singha Durbar and Sheetal Niwas to learn a lesson from this incident.”

Likewise, Chitra-Sabda wrote, “Presidential motorcade was taking place. Traffic police had halted the vehicles. Meanwhile, a man lost his patience and reacted angrily, “This way belongs to people more than the President.” Then the motorcyclists bulldozed forward.

Milan Pandey wrote on his Facebook, “No one can be a monarch in republic. Those VIPs who behave like a monarch in republic will suffer. People are sovereign in the  republican democratic system and do not tolerate any forms of atrocities and suppression.”

हे गणतन्त्रका श्री ३, श्री ५ अनि श्री ७ हरु,
राजा नबनौं। बन्ने प्रयास पनि नगरौं है।
गणतन्त्रमा राजा बन्न खोजे तिमी असफल हुन्छौ, किनकी गणतन्त्रमा यहाँ प्रजा होइन। सार्वभौम नागरिक छन्।
अत्याचार सहदैनन्। https://t.co/O2kEyJKNn8

— Milan Pandey (@MilanPandey) March 5, 2019


Likewise, Inkoholic wrote, “Public have to wait for a long time on the road due to a VIP motorcade. A patient may die in an ambulance due to traffic jam caused by motorcade. This is unfair. An immediate solution is required.”

सर्वसाधारण चाहिँ एम्बुलेन्समै ट्राफिक जाममा परि मर्नुपर्ने खालको सडक स्थिति छ।
VIP का लागि भन्दै उनैलाई २ घण्टा बाटोमा सेकाईदिने।
यो विल्कुल भएन,सुहाउँदै सुहाएन।
उचित विकल्प अपनाईयोस!

— ईन्कोहोलिक (@BnUpreti) March 6, 2019

Senior journalist Prateek Pradhan wrote, “The government, Nepal Army and Nepal Police have to seriously think of the riders’ disobedience against the presidential motorcade at the Kesharmahal junction on Tuesday. It is wrong to halt traffic for a long time for fear of bosses and in the name of obedience.”

राष्ट्रपतिको हिजोको सवारीमा केशर महल मोडमा मोटरसाइकलको विद्रोह वा अवज्ञाका विषयमा सरकार, सेना र प्रहरी नेतृत्वले सोच्नु पर्छ । हाकिमको डरका कारण र चाकडी बजाउन जनतालाई धेरै बेर रोकेर सास्ती दिनु गलत हो ।

— Prateek Pradhan (@prateekpradhan) March 6, 2019


A video has gone viral on social media since Tuesday and it shows enraged people bulldozing the instructions of the traffic personnel not to ply their vehicles on the road during the presidential convoy.

President Bidya Devi Bhandari was heading to Nepal Army Headquarters, Bhadrakali from the official residence Sheetal Niwas, Maharajgunj to attend a reception hosted to mark Nepal Army Day. 

The presidential convoy forced hundreds of public and private vehicles as well as commuters to remain stuck on the Sheetal Niwas-Ratnapark-Sundhara road section for more than half an hour.

 The traffic movement in Ratnapark, Sundhara, Maharajgunj, Tripureshwor, Naxal and Baluwatar was totally affected due to the presidential convoy from 6 pm to 9 pm on Tuesday.

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