Tarot cards, palm reading and our destiny

Published On: December 2, 2016 11:30 PM NPT By: Shikha Bahety

Do you believe in future telling, palm reading, and tarot cards? Has this topic ever interested you? Most of our answers will be no when asked for the first time, yet there are many of us who visit priests to inquire about our future. One of the reasons that we go to the priests could be due to family pressure.

We would not want to accept but subconsciously questions about our future does flow in our mind. There are different types of fortune tellers. Some will look into our palm, connect the lines and describe about how much money we might earn, how healthy we might be, and how prosperous we might be? 

There are fortune masters who would specify details about our past, on the attributes of our family members and personal matters which only we would know. As spooky as it sounds, we might encounter people who have this power which is pretty strange.

Tarot card reading is a fancier way of portraying the same thing and is a well earned profession of this era. It is surprising to see how we get fooled and accept what the cards have to say. How can a card guarantee that we will earn enough? 

If one doesn’t work there will be no income, similarly, if one doesn’t have a healthy lifestyle the chances of getting sick increase. These are just some instances and we all know it. Why do we need someone else to reiterate the same thing? 

It is so amusing when people wear certain stones to keep themselves away from bad that might happen in their lives. Since the past is gone, nothing can be done about it, present is what we already know, and future is a surprise that we will get to know in no time. As we say time flies fast, future will come by faster. Don’t you think the future is already written and destiny cannot be changed?  Don’t you think it’s all about the Karma that you do?

When two people are about to get married, their birth horoscopes are matched. A lot of families see if the eligible bachelors are compatible with each other in terms of the time and date of their birth, which makes me wonder about the hypothesis behind this. Does it make you wonder as well?

Shikha is a Chartered Accountant and Client Servicing Executive at JWT Thompson Nepal.

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