Surviving a rainy day

Published On: April 26, 2019 09:08 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Of late, the weather has been quite unpredictable. It’s usually bright and sunny when you head out and then a couple of hours later it starts pouring cats and dogs. This makes it difficult to plan your day and get things done. But a little bit of foresight can help you deal with rainy days and not let it mess your schedule. Here we tell you how. 

Check the weather forecast
It’s alarming how many of us don’t check the weather update on a daily or even weekly basis and just let the day take its course. You don’t even have to download a weather app on your phone as it comes preinstalled. So, get into the habit of checking the weather forecast as you are getting ready in the morning. This will help you structure your day according to the weather and you can arrange to move about when it’s not raining and stay in when it’s pouring outside. 

Dress for the weather
Getting drenched in the rain is the worst thing ever but there will inevitably be times when you will be caught in a drizzle or two. It would be a good idea to wear clothes made from fabrics that dry easily such as cotton, polyester, and nylon. A windcheater or waterproof jacket will also come in handy because it gets windy and chilly when it’s raining. Don’t wear long and flowy bottoms because it will get drenched in the rain and cling to you. If your pants are too long, stylishly cuff them a few times to keep it a few inches above your ankles. 

The case for the right footwear
Wearing the right footwear during the rainy season is crucial. Rain can be harsh on footwear made out of leather, and completely damage delicate shoes like ballet flats and kitten heels. Avoid these types of shoes and instead opt for sturdy footwear that protects your feet and won’t get ruined by the rain either. Rain boots are your best footwear option. You can also wear comfortable rubber or plastic sandals but make sure to pick one that has an ankle strap so that there’s no water splashes. You can also wear sneakers and trainers provided they aren’t made of cloth. Alternatively, hiking boots are also a great option. 

Shoe covers can also be quite useful during rainy days. There are various online stores that sell this nifty item and they are quite inexpensive too. We suggest you keep a pair rolled up in your bag at all times. It doesn’t take up any space and can come to your rescue during those sudden downpours.

Invest in an extra large umbrella and rain jacket
The foldable umbrella that you usually get in the market does absolutely nothing to shield you from the rain, unless it’s a very light drizzle. So keep your eye out for the extra large ones that are seasonally sold at various departmental stores and other shops around town. It can be quite a nuisance to carry these around but it will definitely keep you dry during a heavy downpour and that’s worth the hassle. If this idea doesn’t sit well with you then carry a raincoat and an umbrella, and use both when it’s raining and you have to go outside.  

Carry towels and extra socks
Carry a small towel and a pair of extra socks with you. These are rainy days essentials, really. Lightweight microfiber towels can be used to dry your feet and hair as these towels soak water very quickly. These can also be used to absorb water from your clothes that will help them dry out quicker.

Similarly, wearing wet socks for a long time can lead to blisters, soreness, athlete’s foot, trench foot or rashes. Save yourself the hassle and keep a pair of clean socks in your bag during the rainy season. Along with it, we advise you to pack a clean plastic bag that you can use to stow your wet socks. 

Keep frizz at bay
It’s not the rain that ruins your hair but humidity that does the damage. It turns straight hair unattractively wavy and tangled and turns curly hair extremely frizzy. To keep frizz at bay, dry your hair out completely before you head out for the day. Lay low on product usage as well. Lathering on a lot of hair products won’t do you any good during rainy days. You could try straightening your hair, especially the ends of your hair to keep it tangle and frizz free throughout the day. Or you could put it in either a topknot or a braid. Both of these will save you from having a bad hair day and also make it seem like you put in a lot more effort than you did while getting ready in the morning.

If rain causes ruin 
Like we said, there will be times when you will be caught in the rain despite careful planning. If your shoes get wet during the rain, stuff as much dry newspaper as you can inside the shoes and cover them with newspaper too. The newspaper will soak up all the moisture from your shoes and dry it out. You might need to change the newspapers a few times before your shoes get completely dry though.

If the unimaginable happens and your phone gets wet, turn it off, take out the battery (if that’s an option with your phone) and put it inside the container where you store rice grains. Leave it for 24 hours. The rice grains will soak up moisture from your phone and battery. This might not always work but you can give it a shot to save your phone. This trick can be used to dry other wet gadgets as well. However, do this as soon as water gets into your gadgets and not hours later. 

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