Brief rain with lightning forecast

March 30, 2022 14:22 pm

KATHMANDU, March 30: Isolated brief rain or a thundershower is likely to occur at some places in the country with partly to generally cloudy weather in most parts of the country in the next three days.

KATHMANDU, Jan 27: The weather affected by the impact of a westerly low pressure system for the past few days is likely to improve gradually from Friday.

Rain destroys paddy crop

October 18, 2021 13:45 pm

GALESHWOR, Oct 18: Farmers are worried after the rain damaged their paddy crop.

Rain with thunder, lightning forecast

September 15, 2021 13:26 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 15: The weather will remain generally cloudy throughout the country with light to moderate rainfall accompanied by thunder and lightning in most parts today.

Also an art

August 2, 2021 14:04 pm

Rain that has stopped  Makes the memories wet.  The grasses whisper about the flowers  The sky still widens its mind It captures the whole universe.

KATHMANDU, July 1: The Melamchi rivulet has witnessed a rise in its water level following incessant rainfall on Wednesday.

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan on Wednesday reminisced about his childhood days, saying that he always loved playing in the rain.

KATHMANDU, May 26: The weather will be cloudy in most of the parts in the country as the cyclone called YAAS in the Bay of Bengal has partially affected the country at the moment.

JAKARTA, April 5: Multiple disasters caused by torrential rains in eastern Indonesia have killed at least 55 people and displaced thousands, the country’s disaster relief agency said Monday. More than 40 other people were missing.

I dare to walk on a hush road…

March 24, 2021 15:03 pm

The rain is raining heavily  I move my legs on the hush road My gaze at the glinted diamond at the bus I feel, i am the only one there I take an extra step

KATHMANDU, Feb 10: As the westerly wind is expected to influence Nepal’s weather, rain and snowfall is expected in different parts of the country till Friday.

PHOTOS: Kathmandu during rain

September 24, 2020 16:05 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 24: For the past three days, Nepal has been witnessing incessant downpour including in the Kathmandu Valley.

TOKYO, Sept 6: Typhoon Haishen drew closer to Japan’s southern mainland on Sunday, prompting authorities to recommend evacuation and warn of potentially record rainfall, unprecedented wind, high tides and large ocean swells.

Dear Monsoon

August 23, 2020 09:13 am

Dear Monsoon From the first rain,  you would have been waiting  on the balcony  looking at the way  which, would have disguised  already into the jungle’s  color.  in front of your village.

Clouds cry in the form of rain

August 14, 2020 17:00 pm

No matter how much you remember It doesn't matter to the other life who has no feelings

BAJURA, July 6: Normal life in Bajura district has been affected due to the incessant rainfall since some days. The risk of landslides has greatly increased in settlements located on steep hillsides and the transport service has been knocked off  due to the obstruction of roads.

KATHMANDU, April 24: There will be generally to mostly cloudy in the eastern and central regions and partly to generally cloudy in the western region today. Brief rain accompanied with lightning, gusty winds and hail has been predicted at many places of the eastern and central regions and at a few places of the western region on Friday, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division.

KATHMANDU, March 6: The match between Nepal and Singapore under the ACC Eastern Regional T-20 Cricket Championship had to be cancelled without even going for the toss. The game to take place in Bnagkok, Thailand was called off after the pitch became unfit for play due to rain.

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: Tribhuvan International Airport, the country's only international airport has remained closed since today afternoon resulting in the disruption of several international and domestic flights owing to poor weather.

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: The Meteorological Forecasting Division has predicted rain in most parts of the country today due to the effects of the westerly low-pressure wind. The Division has also said that there is possibility of the snowfall in high hills and mountainous regions in the country.

VENICE, Italy, Nov 18 : Venice was hit Sunday by a record third exceptional tide in the same week while other parts of Italy struggled with a series of weather woes, from rain-swollen rivers to high winds to an out-of-season avalanche.

Landslide kills child in Kavre

September 18, 2019 14:47 pm

KAVRE, Sept 18: A child was buried by a landslide along with a shop at Panchakhal municipality-4 in Kavrepalanchowk this morning.

BRASILIA, Aug 27: Weak rainfall is unlikely to extinguish a record number of fires raging in Brazil’s Amazon anytime soon, with pockets of precipitation through September 10 expected to bring only isolated relief, according to weather data and two experts.

LONDON, August 14: Rain looked set to wash out the first day of the second Ashes test at Lord’s on Wednesday, without a ball bowled as of the scheduled lunch break and a grim weather forecast clouding the outlook for action later in the day.

Rainy season health woes

August 2, 2019 08:02 am

The rainy season brings about a plethora of infections and diseases that range from indigestion and skin irritations to fever and flu. While staying indoors and away from rain and human contact is the best way to prevent all of these conditions, that isn’t a practical solution. Here, Dr Saroj Ghimire, physician at Swastha Health Clinic, talks to The Week about how we can prevent and cure some health problems that are common this season.

Rain disrupts domestic flights

July 24, 2019 14:35 pm

KATHMANDU, July 24: Domestic flights have been affected today due to bad weather. Air service has been affected at most of the airports due to incessant rainfall from early this morning.

KATHMANDU, July 23: The Meteorological Forecasting Division has said most parts of the country will witness rainfall on Wednesday and Thursday.

KATHMANDU, July 22: Moderate to heavy rain has been forecast throughout the country for the next three days as monsoon trough is presently based in the southern region of Nepal.

RUKUM, July 16: Some years back Rukum residents used to get excited with the construction of roads in their surrounding. They thought the roads would improve transportation services in the area and change the face of their area.

GORKHA, July 15: The asphalt of the recently-blacktopped roads in the remote areas of Gorkha district has come off due to the heavy rainfall for the past few days.

KATHMANDU, July 14: At least 43 people have been killed and 24 others are missing following landslides and flooding triggered by incessant monsoon rain in the central and eastern parts of the country.

RAUTAHAT, July 13: Gaur municipality in Rautahat district has been inundated by flood waters that accumulated after the embankment built in the area bordering India blocked their flow.

KATHMANDU, July 13: At least 21 people have been killed and eight others have gone missing due to floods and landslides triggered by the incessant rain for the past three days in eastern and central parts of the country. Thousands of people in the flood-affected places in different parts of the country have been relocated to safer areas, according to police.

Four killed in Valley

July 13, 2019 07:06 am

KATHMANDU, July 13: Four persons were killed in the Kathmandu Valley as houses collapsed on Friday due to continuous rain from Thursday evening.

ATHENS, July 11: Six foreign nationals, including two children, were killed and more than 100 other people injured after gale-force winds, rain and hailstorms struck northern Greece late on Wednesday, uprooting trees and collapsing roofs, authorities said.

MANCHESTER, July 9: New Zealand had reached 211 for five wickets after 46.1 overs against India when rain stopped play in the first semi-final of the Cricket World Cup at Old Trafford on Tuesday.

SINDHUPALCHWOK, July 8: Two construction workers went missing while two others sustained injuries due to floods triggered by incessant rainfall in Sindhupalchok district on Saturday night.

MUMBAI, July 3: Heavy monsoon rains caused the breach of a small dam in western India, washing away dozens of homes and killing at least six people with 18 missing, a government official said on Wednesday.

We experience all types of weather in Kathmandu. Many of us are fair-weather cyclists and for good reason. When it’s wet, riding gets messy. When bad weather strikes, you can still get on the bike with just a few modifications.

During rainy season it is always feels a munificence to outlast your makeup. Here are a few tips to have a great outing this rainy season

Monsoon enters Nepal

June 21, 2019 04:30 am

KATHMANDU, June 21: The annual monsoon, which brings the season for paddy cultivation in the country, has officially entered Nepal on Thursday, according to Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD). This is almost 10 days late than normal.

SHANGHAI, June 11: Thousands of people have been stranded and at least five killed amid torrential rain throughout central and southern China, with authorities bracing themselves for at least another four days of downpours, state media reported on Tuesday.

KATHMANDU, June 10: Monsoon particularly begins in Nepal from the first week of June. But this time, it has not appeared till June 10.

PARIS, June 8: The French Open women’s final was delayed on Saturday after the men’s semi-final between Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem was interrupted by rain.

Heavy downpours!

June 7, 2019 11:00 am

I mean, who doesn't love when it rains! I just love it. I don't exactly remember when i realized i was so much fascinated with rain and everything that it has to offer.

When Rain Falls For Dust

May 26, 2019 13:36 pm

Dear dust, Let's become what human, Wish to be with their loved one Two souls in a body.

KATHMANDU, May 16: The weather will remain partly to generally cloudy across the country including in Kathmandu valley with chances of brief thundershower due to the western low-pressure system, the Meteorological Forecasting Division has stated.

KATHMANDU, May 15: Different parts of the country will witness thunderstorms with lightning and rain till Thursday. Conditions will start improving across the nation from Thursday afternoon.

Surviving a rainy day

April 26, 2019 09:08 am

Of late, the weather has been quite unpredictable. It’s usually bright and sunny when you head out and then a couple of hours later it starts pouring cats and dogs. This makes it difficult to plan your day and get things done. But a little bit of foresight can help you deal with rainy days and not let it mess your schedule. Here we tell you how.

Westerly wind brings rain again

April 9, 2019 11:15 am

KATHMANDU, April 9: It is the westerly wind that has triggered raining in most of the parts of the country, including Kathmandu Valley since this early morning.