Delayed monsoon makes farmers unable to transplant paddy

Published On: June 28, 2022 11:30 AM NPT By: Bira Gadal

BAITADI, June 27: Farmers are facing problems in transplantation of paddy due to scanty rainfall. Farmers, who used to depend on rain water, are in trouble due to the delayed monsoon season this year. 

Most of the areas of the district depend on rain water for transplantation of paddy. Local farmers say that the fields are barren due to lack of water even though the saplings are ready for transplantation. 

Although the transplantation has started in riversides and irrigated fields, the areas that depend on monsoon rainfall for irrigation are still barren.

The month of June is considered ideal for transplantation. As per the estimate of Agricultural Knowledge Center only 15 percent of paddy plantation has been completed in the district. 

Narendra Bahadur Chand, Agriculture Publicity Officer at the Center informed that planting of paddy was done only in basin areas and areas with irrigation facilities. This is the ideal time for transplanting paddy, but the delayed monsoon has disturbed this as there is no adequate rainfall.

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