Sona wants to go to Spain and meet Messi!

Published On: March 24, 2017 11:30 PM NPT By: Upendra Lamichhane

Sona Thapa, 19, was excited that night to watch the match between Barcelona and PSG. She hadn’t forgotten the pain she felt the last time when Barcelona was defeated by PSG. She was sure that Barcelona would play well this night to make her forget the pain of last week’s defeat.

She was determined to watch the match despite having to attend college in the morning. The venue of the match had a clear weather but all of a sudden there was a storm in Sona’s world.

Her mother didn’t let her watch TV thinking that staying up all night and going to college in the morning would make her sick. Sona was upset; she insisted that she would go to college despite staying awake all night. But due to the fear that her daughter would fall sick, the mother pulled the cable out of the TV.

Mother had love for her daughter but the daughter had love for both football and her mother. And she didn’t want to choose.

That night battle between Barcelona and PSG was going on where as the real life battle was going on behind the screen between mother and daughter. Next morning, both of them looked defeated.

Sona cried the whole night despite Barcelona’s victory and her mother’s heart ached listening to her cry.

“I couldn’t sleep the whole night, “said Sona. “It has been two weeks since the match game was over.”

She said she didn’t talk to her mother for few days. Her mother had done her part of reconciliation, she still didn’t want to talk to her.

“I didn’t let her watch the match because she had to go to college next morning,” said Sona’s mother.

Sona was interested in football ever since she was a child and loves Lionel Messi. She usually wears a jersey printed on Messi’s name. At first, she was a big fan of Beckham and Ronaldo but later started to admire Messi. She likes Barcelona because of him.

“I feel like he scores a goal every time his feet touch the ball,” says Sona.

Sona fights her brother regarding her admiration. Her brother Sanam loves Ronaldo. “Whenever there is a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, there is battle at home,” she adds.

Sona is in love with Messi due to his playing technique. She finds dedication and hard work in his act of passing the ball to his friends despite the fact that he himself can’t score.

Her aching heart has relaxed since Messi scored two goals against Valenica on Sunday night’s match. But she still hasn’t opened her heart to her mother. She says her heart will take time to heal.

She has a dream to go to Spain and meet Messi and look at him play live. But she has a bigger dream to watch the football match lying on her mother’s lap at midnight.

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