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Published On: June 16, 2017 09:52 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Arogya Healthy Home in Maharajgunj is a place where you can get rid of your body fat very easily. It has been running for three years now and has picked up quite a number of clients over the years. And why wouldn’t it? All you have to do is turn up for the sessions and watch what you eat for the duration of it. The Week talked to Ira Rimal, managing director of Arogya Healthy Home to find out more about this new age weight loss method.  

About healthy home
Arogya Healthy Home is among one of the few places around town where a five to eight kilo weight loss is guaranteed in a month. “There are no side effects that have been seen yet and all the machines used are certified,” says Rimal. In the few years that they have been in the business, they have had a 100 percent success rate. The opening hours are from 7 am to 7 pm, which makes it easy to cater to the office going clientele. 

Things you should consider before going 
If you take an entire session, which is six sittings, it costs Rs. 16,500. If you want to try it out before investing on it, you can also choose to do a trial session which costs Rs. 3000.  The session spans over a month and each one takes exactly three hours. There are two sessions per week that you can choose to do on any day that is suitable for you. 
There are, however, a few things you need to consider before you join. There is a diet chart that you need to follow. It includes eating clean and trying not to eat out as much as you can. You need to avoid not just fast food and junk food, but need to have a low protein diet as well. Things like tofu, soya beans, paneer should be completely cut out from your diet. “We recommend our clients to have four to five meals a day and go on a high fiber diet, as it tends to keep them full for longer,” says Rimal. Salads and thick homemade soups are the best option to keep you full and powering through the day, and stick to just a bowl of it to control your portion. The weight loss happens through stool, urine, and sweat. 

During the treatment
“The first thing we do when people come to see us is to check their body mass index (BMI),” says Rimal. The BMI machine calculates your weight, body fat percentage, the muscle percentage, and the amount of water your body has. It also calculates how much weight you should lose and give you the number of weeks you need to exercise regularly in order to lose that weight. 

You can choose the areas you want to cut the fat from, the abdomen, waist, thigh, arm etc. Some people have a high muscle mass which makes them look bulky, but there isn’t much fat that can be dissolved. The amount of water determines how easy it will be for your fat to dissolve, the higher the water percentage in the body, the easier it is to lose weight. 

If you don’t lose the guaranteed amount of weight in the six sittings, even after following the diet chart, then you get a full refund. However, if you come to the next session with an increased weight, they will send you back and give you an appointment for a few days later. 

Types of machines 
There are more than a few machines that help you lose weight while you lounge on the bed, all of which are imported either from Korea or Thailand. The vibrator machine and the cavitation machine help break down the fat in your body. When there is excessive weight loss in a short span of time, there is a chance that the skin becomes loose. In order to avoid all the loose skin, there is a skin tightening machine which makes it taut. “This machine also helps get rid of your wrinkles,” Rimal reveals. There are heating blankets which help you sweat out the fat as well. 

Post treatment care
Healthy homes have their own brand of day and night tea. Even while doing the treatment, you might not always be able to follow the diet chart, and after your treatment is complete it is easy to fall back to the old lifestyle and eat out every other day. The tea, infused with Senna leaves, Garcinia, and Glos chrysanthemi herbs help detoxify your body and cleans the excess fat that is clinging to your colon, which in turn slims down the abdominal area. “It also helps regulate your blood sugar level and keeps your cholesterol levels in check,” says Rimal.

Disclaimer: Arogya Healthy Home claims that there are no side effects of this treatment. However, it’s best to consult experts before beginning any diet fitness regime. 

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