Separate lanes for light and heavy vehicles on Bhaktapur-Koteshwar road

Published On: July 28, 2018 03:29 AM NPT By: KAMAL RAJ BHATTA

Tipper trucks have long been creating terror inside the Kathmandu Valley as dozens of two-wheeler riders have been killed by heavy vehicles.

KATHMANDU, July 28: In an effort to reduce fatal road accidents involving tipper trucks, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has recently assigned separate lanes for light and heavy vehicles on the Bhaktapur-Koteshwar road.

Under the rule, the left lane of the four-lane Bhaktapur-Koteshwar road is designated for consignment transport including trucks, tippers, graders, tankers and other heavy vehicles and the right lane to light-weight vehicles including two-wheelers, cars, jeeps and government vehicles.

The concept came into implementation from July 17, informed Superintendent of Police (SP) Surendra Mainali, spokesperson for the MTPD.

“We believe its successful implementation would help to protect the riders of small vehicles including scooters from heavy vehicles,” said SP Mainali. “We are carrying out various activities to promote the new rule and make drivers aware about it so as to ensure effective implementation.”

The division has been providing awareness classes to the drivers of trucks and tippers to inform them about the new lane concept.

Tipper trucks have long been creating terror inside the Kathmandu Valley as dozens of two-wheeler riders have been killed by heavy vehicles. As per the data maintained by the MTPD, consignment vehicles have killed 57 people inside the Valley so far this year, out of which 20 are from tipper trucks alone.

Likewise, commuter vehicle including buses, cars, motorcycles and scooters, among others killed 137 people during the same period. The road accidents this year have claimed a total of 194 lives and critically wounded 219 people. As many as 4,333 others sustained minor injuries, the data shows.

Along with lane concept, the government has introduced various rules to decrease tipper terror. They recently banned tippers from operating in the Valley during daytime. Under the rule, tippers can operate in the valley only from 8 pm to 5 am. Even while operating at night, tipper drivers have to abide by time card rules.

“Tippers are allowed to use the Koteshwar-Bhaktapur road only during the allocated time. As their movements increase at night, we also decided to implement time card system for them,” informed SP Mainali.Furthermore, the MTPD has also stressed the need for strictly checking drunk driving, license of drivers and monitoring vehicular speeds with radar guns to minimize potential road accidents.

Over-speeding, drunk driving, technical failure, overtaking attempts, negligence of pedestrians, poor road conditions and foggy weather are some of the causes of road accidents, noted SP Mainali. “But the main cause is definitely drivers' negligence.”The record also shows that a total of 11,407 drivers were involved in road accidents this year. Of them, 993 drivers were below 20 years of age, 8,224 drivers were of 21-40 age group while the remaining 2,190 drivers were over 40 years old.

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