Case of dead body found in plastic bags in Dharan

Second wife arrested along with boyfriend for murdering husband

Published On: February 23, 2022 11:57 AM NPT By: Rohit Rai

DHARAN, Feb 23: It has been revealed that the body found in two plastic bags in the Anpgachhi forest area of ​​Dharan-4 last Wednesday and Thursday was of Dinesh Sigdel, 43, who was living in Biratnagar with his second wife.

According to the police investigation, Dinesh's second wife Anita KC, 30, and her boyfriend Saroj Bhandari of Ikrahi, Biratnagar-4, killed him, cut his body into pieces and brought it to Dharan in two plastic bags. Police arrested the two and made them public on Tuesday. According to Sunsari District Police Office Chief SP Sanjay Singh Thapa, the deceased Dinesh was in Bahrain for foreign employment.

He had come to Nepal on January 4 taking a 15-day leave after finding out that his second wife Anita was having an illicit affair with another man. SP Thapa claimed that Anita and Saroj killed him at his residence at Tin Pipal Chowk, Biratnagar on January 6- two days after his arrival in Nepal. "Dinesh came to Nepal without informing Anita after finding out that she was having an affair with another man. After Dinesh arrived in Biratnagar on January 7, he went to pick up Anita. They stayed in a hotel that day,” said SP Thapa. “There was a fight between the couple in the evening, and Saroj also came and strangled Dinesh with the deceased’s muffler.”

According to SP Thapa, Anita and Saroj had planned the murder after Dinesh became an ‘obstacle’ to their relationship. According to the police, Dinesh, who was a permanent resident of Chulachuli Rural Municipality-5 of Ilam, had married Anita for the second time about 10 years ago. Since then, he has rarely visited his ancestral home.

Anita's ancestral home is Prakashpur, Barahachhetra 10, Sunsari. Dinesh and Anita have a 7-year-old daughter. Anita's boyfriend is a city safari driver. According to the police, the safari was bought with the financial support of Rs 100,000 by Anita. Saroj's relationship with his wife had turned sour because of which he had become close with Anita.

According to SP Thapa, Dinesh had drunk alcohol on the night of January 6. After a fight with Anita, Saroj also came and strangled Dinesh. SP Thapa said that they left the body in the room that night and stayed outside and bought a grinder machine, polythene bags the next day. It has been revealed that they used khukuri to chop the corpse, put it in two bags, rented a local vehicle in the evening and dumped it on the way to Bhedetar via Dharan and returned to Biratnagar the next day.

Deceased identified by face mask and visiting card

Dinesh’s body was found in the forest of ​​Dharan-Bhedetar road section under Koshi Highway at Dharan-4. Despite the efforts of the police, the deceased could not be identified.

The face mask in the pocket of the deceased's jeans pants and the visiting card of a tour company became the main clues for the police who were having difficulty with the identification. The face mask contained ‘BH’ which indicates ‘Bahrain’ pointing that the deceased had some connection with Bahrain, so the police were able to contact the company in which the deceased was working at through Interpol with the help of the Bahraini police. On the basis of that, it was revealed that Dinesh had taken a 15-day leave and had come to Nepal through immigration at the Tribhuvan International Airport on January 4.

Police found out that he was staying in Biratnagar with his second wife after the police reached out to his family and they said he had not visited home after returning from Bahrain. According to SP Thapa, the second wife Anita was taken under control and interrogated on Monday. Later, it was revealed that Dinesh had been killed by his second wife and her lover, according to the police. 

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