‘Sake Tiraula Natra Firima’: a blend of humor and satire

August 5, 2018 08:32 AM Kiran Lama

The one and a half hour long play depicts consumers' anger towards the unmanaged system leading to price and tax hike.

Highlighting the contemporary and political issues of Nepal, ‘Sake Tiraula Natra Firima’ is being staged at the Mandala Theatre, Anamnagar. Directed and translated by Bikash Joshi, the play is based on Dario FO’s ‘Can’t Pay! Won’t pay!’

The one and a half hour long play depicts consumers' anger towards the unmanaged system leading to price and tax hike. Nonetheless, the play also points the serious issues that are relevant in contemporary Kathmandu.

The play opens with Sarita and Pramila entering the room in the stage. Sarita brings along a bag full of the expensive items, surprising Pramila.  After constant requests, Sarita reveales the truth behind the shopping items. Sarita shows the expensive items that she had brought from the supermarket. She also revealed that, along with her, there were other women in the supermarket revolting against the loot-system. 

The plot of the play revolves around the actors hiding the stolen goods from their loyal husband.  Consequently, it creates tension and miscommunication between characters, simultaneously amusing the audiences with humor.  

Director Bikash Joshi successfully captured all the elements required in a comic and satirical play in ‘Sake Tiraula Natra Firima’. Also, he captivated the attention of the audiences with punch-lines such as ‘Garib chhu Tara Paisa Ko Lagi Iman Becheko Xaina’, which roughly translates to ‘I’m poor but I’ll never sell my honor for the sake of money’. 

The play included veteran actors like Sarita Giri, and Bijay Baral and other aspiring actors like Anupam Sharma, Pramila Khanal, and Umesh Tamang. The combination of the Giri and Khanal was the attraction of the play. Their gestures, expressions, dialogue deliverance and comic timings were on par with the storyline. 

The play is based on the current renting culture of Kathmandu. Kitchen rack, gas cylinder, cupboard, sofa, bed and other real props were present on stage to give the play a lively feel. The stage-built room also has a window which reveals the congestion of houses represented by paper-houses. 

‘Sake Tiraula Natra Firima’, expected to refresh minds from the hectic lifestyle, is slated to run up to August 26, except on Mondays. 

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