Ram Navami in Janakpur

Relevance of Lord Ram's teachings

Published On: March 30, 2023 08:30 AM NPT By: Priya Sharma

Priya Sharma

Priya Sharma

The author is 4th Year BALLB student at Kathmandu School of Law.

The celebration of Ram Navami in Janakpur is a beautiful reminder of the rich cultural heritage of Nepal and the importance of Lord Ram's teachings in our lives. The festival is a time to come together, to offer prayers and seek blessings, to reflect on the values that we can learn from Lord Ram's life.

Janakpurdham a very old city of Nepal which is famous for its beautiful Janaki temple. It is also one of the holiest cities in the country. It is believed to be the capital of the ancient kingdom of Mithila. The city has a rich cultural heritage that is deeply rooted in the history of Hinduism and in Hindu sattology (science of truth). Ram Navami or Vivah Panchami holds the great importance for Janakpur because this is the land where Lord Ram and  Sita (the princess of Mithila and the incarnation of Mahalakshmi) got married. During the festival of Ram Navami, the city comes alive with colorful decorations and festivities.

The celebration of Ram Navami in Janakpur lasts for nine days. This year, Ram Navami falls on March 30, 2023. The city is adorned with lights and colorful decorations. The streets are filled with devotees who come from all over Nepal and India to participate in the celebrations. The main event of the festival is the Ram Navami Mela, which takes place at the Ram Mandir and Janaki Mandir one of the most revered temples in the city. The Ram Navami Mela in Janakpur is a grand affair, with thousands of devotees gathering to pay their respects to Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. The temple is decorated with flowers and lights, and the air is filled with the sound of devotional songs and hymns. The devotees perform puja and offer prayers to the deities, and the atmosphere is charged with a sense of devotion and spirituality.

The festival of Ram Navami is not just a celebration of Lord Ram's birth, but also a time to reflect on the teachings and values that he embodied. In current times, where the world is grappling with various challenges, Lord Ram's teachings can be a source of guidance and inspiration.

Why is it necessary for the new generation to learn about Lord Ram? 

It is necessary for the new generation to learn about Lord Rama and our roots because it helps us to understand the values and traditions that have shaped our society and culture. Learning about Lord Ram's life and teachings can inspire us to be better individuals and make a positive impact on the world around us. It can also help us to appreciate the diversity and richness of our heritage, and cultivate a sense of pride and connection to our cultural identity.

Lord Ram is a revered figure in our history, known for his wisdom, courage, and devotion to dharma (righteousness). His life and teachings offer valuable lessons for people of all ages, especially for today's generation, who are facing numerous challenges in their personal and professional lives. So let’s explore some of the special teachings of Lord Ram that can help today's generation navigate through life with purpose and meaning.

Upholding Dharma: One of the most significant teachings of Lord Ram is to uphold dharma or righteousness, even in the face of adversity. He never disrespected his father, never questioned him for the unfair decision of 14 years’ exile. In fact after the death of King Dasharatha, when Lord Ram was called back saying that the ‘promise of the king also died with his demise’, Ram refused and returned back only after completing his 14 years of exile. He demonstrated this through his determined commitment to his duties as a prince, husband, and ruler, and by setting an example of ethical and moral conduct. Today's generation can learn from his example and strive to uphold dharma in their personal and professional lives.

Balancing Relationships: Shri Ram is also known for his ability to balance his relationships with his family, friends, and subjects. He was a devoted husband to Sita, a loving brother to Lakshman, and a fair ruler to his people. Today's generation can learn from his example and strive to maintain healthy and balanced relationships with their loved ones and colleagues.

Cultivating Inner Strength: Lord Ram's exile and subsequent battles with the demon king Ravan tested his physical and mental strength. However, he remained committed in his devotion to dharma and emerged victorious. Today's generation can learn from his example and cultivate inner strength by practicing mindfulness, meditation, and other self-care techniques.

Embracing Diversity: Lord Ram's teachings also emphasize the importance of embracing diversity and respecting different cultures and beliefs. His alliance with Hanuman, a monkey god, and his acceptance of Sabari, a tribal woman, demonstrate his inclusive and humble nature. Many people argue that untouchability and casteism is a Hindu philosophy but in reality what we can learn from the story of Sabari offering her nibble berries to Lord Ram, who with utmost respect and humbleness accepts them, is that our religion has never set any such example. These are the malpractices introduced by normal people like you and me. Today's generation can learn from Lord Ram’s example and strive to be more accepting and open-minded towards people from different backgrounds.

Leading by Example: Finally, Lord Ram's leadership style is an inspiration for today's generation. He led by example, setting high standards for himself and his followers, and earned their respect and loyalty through his actions. Today's generation, especially our leaders, should learn from his example and strive to lead with integrity, vision, and compassion.


Lord Ram's teachings are timeless and relevant even today. His life teaches us valuable lessons about righteousness, respect, relationships, leadership, forgiveness, and compassion. Today's generation can learn from Ram's example and absorb his teachings in their lives to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. We can obtain millions of such teachings and change our life positively. Our scriptures are full of knowledge but today’s generation is not realizing the value of it. Our generation is distancing itself from its own root by listening to all the craps and distorted version of our history. My humble request to everyone is to try finding the fact yourself, start reading and researching yourself. Our culture has always encouraged the curious mind and efforts to find the answers.


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