'Private health centers in Rolpa prescribing wrong medicines'

Published On: March 27, 2019 04:00 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, March 27: Doctors in Rolpa are facing a self induced medical crisis that has risked countless lives. Government doctors say that the careless usage of antibiotics and prescription of medicines without proper diagnosis at private health centers has jeopardized the already distressed health service in Rolpa.

“Baseless prescription of antibiotics is complicating the lives of patients,” said Dr Anita Giri of Holleri Primary Health Center, adding, “The recent days have seen doctors even injecting antibiotics directly into the patients' blood stream with proper diagnosis. This is alarmingly dangerous.”

Rolpa district has a district hospital and two primary health centers. The health facilities have all the basic equipment like X-ray machine and pathology lab. However, patients seem to prefer private health services. According to Dr Giri, the local government at Holleri also provides safe abortion facility free of cost, but the patients choose private medical centers that charge hefty amount.

An employee at a government health facility in Rolpa informed Republica of the problem prevalent in all parts of the district.

“The number of patients who visit us after complications at private medical centers is huge. Many women come here drenched in blood due to inaccurate and wrong medication for abortion at private medical facilities,” claimed Dr Anil KC of Rolpa District Hospital.

Dr Prakriti Bhattarai of a Primary Health Center in Rolpa also expressed her dissatisfaction regarding the overall situation in the district.

Local level's negligence on health services

Despite the fact that the government-run health centers operate in old and dilapidated buildings, the available doctors are reported to be providing their best services round the clock. Doctors have even gone to the extent of donating their own blood to save the lives of their patients. However, the doctors complain that the local government does not consult with them before organizing health camps.

“They don't even bother to ask us about the quantity of medications that we require,” said Dr Sushil Acharya of the District Hospital. Dr Giri and Dr Bhattarai of the primary health centers also shared facing similar experience.

Doctors share a common complaint

The doctors stationed in Rolpa reportedly work for 12 hours in a normal day. However, all of them have a common complain. These doctors have stopped getting their overtime allowance or incentive, and the local government seems to be least bothered about it.

“If this is how it continues, we better get transferred to some other district,” said a doctor.

Dr Anubhav Paudel, employed at the District Hospital, also expressed his displeasure regarding the situation. Employees of the District Hospital also face the same problems as the employees of the primary health centers.

“We have allocated a budget of Rs 4 million from the rural municipality, and we're discussing if that should be the source of the extra-hour incentive,” said the chief of Runtigadhi Rural Municipality. Rolpa municipality is also reportedly discussing about finding solutions to the problem. “We are doing our best to solve the problem in accordance to the law,” stated mayor Purna KC.

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