Poultry business faces loss of Rs 18 billion

Published On: February 11, 2020 03:15 PM NPT By: RSS

CHITWAN, Feb 11: The poultry business has come across a staggering loss of Rs 18 billion in the last year.

The poultry farmers saw loss in the transaction of egg, chicks and meat. Farmers did not get production cost when there was excessive supply of poultry products in the market.

Nepal Poultry Federation vice-chair Tikaram Pokharel said the farmers have faced loss in poultry products during the year.

According to him, a chick which generally costs Rs 55 in average was sold out at Rs 25 last year. Farmers had to experience loss of Rs 35 in each chick.

He further informed that the farmers have to sustain loss of Rs 4.72 billion when they were compelled to sell their chicken on lower prices.

Simiarly, the farmers had to bear a loss of Rs 3.45 billion in the transaction of eggs in the year.

The loss was also noticed in other production area such as layers, broilers and chicks.

It is noted that 10 percent poultry business entrepreneurs have quit the profession due to huge loss in the year.

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