Politics of exclusion will invite revolt: Former King

Published On: October 20, 2016 05:46 PM NPT By: Sanjay Thapa

KATHMANDU, Oct 20: Former King Gyanendra Shah on Thursday warned that the politics of prohibition will lay grounds for a revolt. 

Speaking at the International Hindu Conference that kicked off in the Capital City today, he said, “No one should engage in the politics of prohibition. It will create disappointment and dejection in the people. Ultimately, it will result in a rebellion.”

He was of the opinion that the politics of prohibition will create imbalance and gives birth to revolt. 

He added that Nepalis are disappointed due to increasing foreign intervention and disputes among political parties.

“Nepalis are well aware how Nepal has come to such a pass today,” he said, “It’s high time that the Nepali people questioned the reasons for this.” 

Noting that the Hindu religion stands for peace, former King Gyanendra said that the time has come for the restoration and preservation of the religion.

“Right now, black clouds are hovering over the Hindu religion. Therefore, the time has come to think about a new way to protect and perverse the Hindu religion.”

Addressing the inaugural session, Indian religious leader Raghunandan Sharma accused Nepali politicians of shedding their own religion and embracing western culture.

“Nepali politicians have adopted foreign cultures deserting their own religion and culture.

They were influenced by foreigners and tempted by financial gains to adopt secularism and erase the identity of the only Hindu kingdom in the world.”

Photo/video: Prabin Koirala       


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