Opposition leaders 'not given chance to speak' in province assembly

Published On: June 15, 2018 06:00 AM NPT By: Binod Subedi

BIRATNAGAR, June 15: Opposition members of Province 1 Assembly have accused the ruling party members of trying to prevent them from speaking in the assembly. Speaking at the zero hour of the provincial parliament, assembly member Pratap Prasad Hangma accused the members from the ruling party of trying not to let the members from opposition parties to speak.

He even claimed that the ruling party members have asked them to stop taking their allowances if they continue speaking in the assembly. “You have the government. You can take the allowance too,” Hangma questioned, “Do we not have the right to speak?”

After the provincial assembly passed the government's annual policies and programs on Thursday, a member of the provincial assembly from the ruling party Buddhi Kumar Rajbhandari, while delivering his vote of thanks, warned the assembly members from the opposition party to refrain from the allowance and other benefits . Member of Provincial Assembly Bindiya Karki complained that the assembly members from the ruling party were acting as if the assembly members from the opposition parties were committing a crime by expressing their opinions in the assembly. Similarly, assembly member Sanja Kumari Danuwar asked the province government to turn their attention to increasing women participation in the government. She claimed that the province government has not supported women participation by not naming any woman as a provincial minister.

In the assembly meeting, bills related to radio, FMs and television channels were presented by Minister for Internal Affairs and Law of Province 1 Hikmat Karki. Speaking at the assembly, Minister Karki emphasized the introduction of new laws for the registration and renewal of broadcasting companies.

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