Number of untimely deaths increasing in Rolpa

Published On: January 6, 2020 08:55 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Jan 6: A 19-year-old boy named Asin Giri, who was missing since December 2, was found unconscious in a rivulet near Libang – the headquarters of Rolpa district – on Friday.

He was rushed to the hospital by police. But, Giri was pronounced brought dead by the local hospital. Police are investigating into the matter.

In December, one dead body was found in Holleri market, while another dead body was found decomposing in eastern Rolpa. After the kin of the deceased didn't come in contact, police managed the final rites of the dead body.

Of late, Rolpa has seen many untimely deaths. According to the statistics compiled by Rolpa Police, a total of 250 suicide cases have been recorded in the last four years. Similarly, 118 cases of unnatural deaths were recorded, while police couldn't find the reason behind the deaths of 32 individuals. 

In the Fiscal Year 2015/16, five were murdered, 34 cases of accidental deaths were recorded, and 66 committed suicide. Meanwhile, police couldn't find the reason behind the death of eight individuals.

Likewise in the Fiscal Year 2016/17, 11 murders were recorded in the district. Similarly, 29 cases of accidental deaths were recorded, while 66 committed suicide. In the Fiscal Year 2017/18, 63 individuals committed suicide, while 24 cases of accidental deaths were recorded. Likewise, a total of four murder cases were recorded the same year.

In the Fiscal Year 2018/19, five were murdered, 31 cases of accidental demise were recorded, while 55 individuals committed suicide. 

In August, 2019, two were murdered, 4 cases of accidental demise were registered, while two committed suicide. In September, one was murdered, three accidental deaths were recorded, while seven committed suicide.

In October, one person was murdered and four committed suicide. Likewise, in December, two cases of untimely demise were recorded, while nine individuals committed suicide.

According to Chitra Bahadur Gurung, head of Rolpa Police, alcoholism has been found to be the major reason behind accidental deaths and suicides. 

“There are dozens who lose their lives every year due to alcohol consumption. A lot of individuals also face accidents after alcohol consumption,” he added.

According to Dr Anil KC of Rolpa District Hospital, the post-mortem reports suggest that alcoholism is the major reason behind untimely demise. 

“Family dispute also plays a major role behind the increasing rate of suicide. And, alcoholism is a major reason behind family disputes.”

Even though, hundreds of Rolpalis are facing untimely deaths, the local government hasn't taken any initiation to control alcohol consumption and minimizing suicide.

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