Loss worth millions of rupees feared as Birgunj remains waterlogged

Published On: July 14, 2019 07:30 AM NPT By: Ritesh Tripathi

BIRGUNJ, July 14: Birgunj, the economic and business hub of the country, has been completely inundated by the flood which originated from the local Sirsiya River. Adarshanagar, which is considered the main market of the city, is submerged under four feet of floodwater. More than three dozen business organizations that have been supplying the required goods and materials to the people across the country have been inundated by the floods originating in the Sirsiya River.

In comparison to previous years, more land has been submerged by the floodwaters. According to the locals, they have not experienced such floods for the past many years. The city has been waterlogged as the congested sewers built by burying the natural sewer could not hold the pressure of water.

Entrepreneurs have blamed 'Small-scale Towns Integrated Urban Environmental Improvement Project' for the mismanagement of sewers and inundation. "My house and shop had never been inundated by this large amount of water," said Bikash Agarwal of Aadarshanagar, adding, "This year we will have to bear more loss due to floods."

Floods have caused huge losses to industries, factories and business companies. "The flood originated from the Sirsiya River has caused us a huge loss," said Prakash Khetan, chairperson of Green City, a community organization of Adarshanagar, adding, "More than 250 firms have been harmed by the floods."Vehicular movement has been halted along various roads due to landslides triggered by floods and continuous rainfall. Vehicles carrying goods have been stranded due to the obstruction which has caused further losses.

Especially Ranighat, Ghadiaeba, Shreepur, Radhemai, Lal Parsa, Chhapkaiya and Murli, among other places, have been battered by the floodwaters. Floods have also swept away the drinking water taps of people adding further woes to their misery. Even after so many days, the level of water has not receded in Birgunj.


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