Locals protest against municipality to build the statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah in Gorkha

Published On: December 13, 2022 02:34 PM NPT By: Narhari Sapkota

GORKHA, Dec 13: Locals have buried the pit dug to build the statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah in Thulo Aangan of Gorkha on Tuesday. Residents of Nareshwar, Gorkha Municipality-3, Pipalthok-4, Swara Ward No-5 have protested saying that the road will be obstructed when the Nepali Army constructs a statue in the middle of Thulo Aangan to hold a parade, More than 50 locals have buried the two-feet-deep pit dug for the construction of the statue with stones and mud.

Chul Bahadur Kunwar, Ward Chairman of Gorkha Municipality-3, said, "While promoting tourism in Thulo Aangan, how can tourists go to Gorkha Durbar, Bhimsen Park?" The demand of the locals is that the road that they have been walking since the time of their ancestors should not be blocked. Ward Chairman Kunwar said that the residents did not oppose the program planned by the municipality but demanded an alternative route. Locals have said that they will not allow the statue to be built without constructing an alternative road.

Gorkha Municipality had started the construction of a statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah in Thulo Aangan at a cost of about 2.2 million. Mayor Krishna Bahadur Rana Magar said that along with the construction of the statue, the army will perform a parade every day and it will help in the tourism development of Gorkha.

Stating that this program is beneficial for everyone, Mayor Magar said, “Monograms are going to be made along with the statue, it is for the parade, it will not block the road, the fire brigade can also come around, the road for operation of vehicles will be open.” Mayor Rana requested the protesting locals to allow them to continue their work.

Locals said that the statue should not be built in the middle of the road as it will cause problems for emergency patients or those with problems when the road will be blocked during the parade. There is a discussion on social media saying that the Thulo Aangan in front of the Gorkha Museum should not be demolished and a statue should not be built in the middle because the historical authenticity of it will be erased. While some have said that parades including the statue will help promote tourism. The construction was going to be inaugurated by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS General) on January 11 next year.


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