Landslides in Dolakha

Published On: August 27, 2019 05:25 AM NPT By: Ramesh Khatiwada

Landslides displace dozens of families in Dolakha villages

DOLAKHA, Aug 27: Incessant rain for the last few days has wreaked havoc in rural Dolakha villages, rendering dozens of families homeless. Around 50 families of different settlements at Melung and Shailung rural municipalities are reported to have lost their houses to landslides.

According to Bharat Dulal, chairperson of Shailung Rural Municipality, the rains have been consistent for the past four days which has left the earth surface fragile in the hills. Landslides that hit the villages on Saturday and Sunday damaged houses and other infrastructures in several parts. As the weather condition has not improved, people are living in fear.

"Ten families from Chilaune village were forced to rush out of their homes on Sunday night due to landslides. There are other families in other parts rendered homeless," Dulal reported.

According to him, settlements in the slopes are more vulnerable than those in the plains. While small landslides are frequent, the fear of huge landslides looms too.

On Sunday landslides massively hit Dhade, Paiti, Phalam Pokhari, Khorunge, Bhise and Thapatol of Shailung Rural Municipality. A few weeks ago, landslides had damaged houses of 25 families in Dudhpokhari area of the same local unit. "Almost all wards have been affected by landslides, but the situation is worse in some areas. In Bhushafed, some houses are at very high risk of landslides," Dulal stated.

In Melung Rural Municipality, 15 families of Paharikharka village had to run away from their houses in the middle of the night due to landslides on Sunday night. According to a local Shanta Karki, first the lower parts of the settlement started eroding due to the landslides. Later, cracks were seen even in other parts.

"It was very deadly; we had to run at midnight. And there were cattle we had to free," she said.

The villagers had set their cattle free so that they could run away to safer sides too.

Several families have been hit hard by the landslides also in Marbu and Chankhu areas.

Meanwhile, Dulal stated that the haphazardly opened new roads are a source of worry. The tracks have left the settlements in the hills quite prone to natural disasters. "Landslides occur so frequently and so consistently due to this digging of the earth everywhere," he said.

He added that the landslide victims would be provided relief. The rural municipality will hold a meeting regarding this, according to him.

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