Landslides disrupt road access to two rural municipalities in Udayapur

Published On: July 26, 2019 07:22 AM NPT By: MAHESHWAR CHAMLING RAI

UDAYAPUR, July 26:  Devastating landslides triggered by heavy rainfall have blocked roadways in Udayapur resulting in isolation of two rural municipalities of the district. All connecting roads of Limchungbung and Tapli rural municipalities were damaged by the landslides creating natural blockade and increased the danger of a food crisis.

Landslides blocked all routes connecting these rural municipalities to Gaighat, the district headquarters, and northern Katari bazaar. The locals residing in 10 wards of both rural municipalities are isolated due to the unavailability of even pedestrian routes. More than 250,000 people residing in landslide-prone areas are facing serious health problems and food crisis.

Roads connecting central Baraha of the rural municipality to Gaighat headquarters through routes of Murkuchi- Punbare- Majhakharka have been damaged at more than 50 places. Another road section Gaighat-Foksintar- Rasuwa-Chanautey connecting Limchungbung has been damaged at several places affecting the transportation service. 

Initiatives taken by road officials and locals had reopened routes from Gaighat to Foksintar three days ago. But the road section lying ahead of Foksintar through Rasuwa- Chanautey- Balamta- Baraha section has not yet been repaired. 

According to Chairman Mejkumar Rai, other routes along with Bhuttar- Lafgaun- Jatey- Baraha and Kathmandu- Khurkot- Ghurmi routes connecting Basnbotey- Baraha of Khotang had been blocked by the landslide isolating Limchungbung road. A total of 2,700 households of all five wards are badly affected due to road blockage from all direction. Locals are at high risk of food scarcity and health problems, said Chairman Rai.

Incidents of road blockade has also increased in Tapli Rural Municipality. Roads connecting Tapli to southern Khotang through Sunkoshi is not accessible. Siddhicharan Roadway connected to Katari was affected at several places and 300 meter route in Lapsebhir was destroyed as whole hill slid away more than a week ago. According to Lahan road office, a new route is under-construction through Lapsebhir hill but it may take four to six days.

Due to blockade in routes of Punwarey- Majhkharka section, locals of Tapli of all 5 wards Okhle, Thanagaun, Lekhgaun, Rupatar and Inamey have been isolated. The recently-constructed road to central Rupatar is not an option.  Chairman 

Uddav singh Thapa said these blockages may lead to the risk of food scarcity and health problem in Tapli.

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