CHITWAN, May 6: Agitating businessperson in Chitwan have obstructed vehicular movement demanding the arrest of Pradeep Rugata, who is accused of abetting the suicide of poultry businessman Shankar Kandel.

KATHMANDU, Jan 6: Nepal on Wednesday welcomed the decision of the governments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Qatar to reopen the land, air and sea borders between the two countries.

WASHINGTON/RIYADH, Jan 5: A breakthrough has been reached in Qatar’s three-year-old dispute with Saudi Arabia and three other Arab countries and an agreement aimed at ending their rift is to be signed in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, a senior Trump administration official said.

On our own again

March 20, 2020 09:45 am

We had an earthquake and our government was nowhere to be found for a few days while we, the people, were helping each other out. We had a blockade and we were left to go searching for cooking gas and fuel in the black market while the government was, as usual, busy doing nothing. And now, with the coronavirus pandemic, our government is once again ill-prepared to tackle the spread of the virus and it seems like, as always, it does not have any plans to help us if we face the same crisis that other countries around the world have been fighting for a while now.

East-west highway blocked in Arunkhola

August 19, 2019 19:30 pm

NAWALPARASI, Aug 19: The East-West highway has remained blocked for vehicular transport for 24 hours in Arunkhola (Rivulet) area in Nawalparasi district after a bridge over the river got collapsed.

KATHMANDU, July 29: An influential leader of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Subramaniyam Swami has said that the economic embargo enforced by the Indian government shortly after Nepal chose to promulgate new constitution against New Delhi's advice in 2015 was a “foolish thing” the BJP government did on the advice of bureaucrats.

UDAYAPUR, July 26:  Devastating landslides triggered by heavy rainfall have blocked roadways in Udayapur resulting in isolation of two rural municipalities of the district. All connecting roads of Limchungbung and Tapli rural municipalities were damaged by the landslides creating natural blockade and increased the danger of a food crisis.

NEW DELHI, May 31: India's former Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar has been appointed the Minister for External Affairs on Friday.

BAJHANG, May 23: Residents of Talkot Rural Municipality - 4 have blocked the road to Saipal Rural Municipality accusing its residents of conspiring to deprive them of access to yarsha pockets. Dozens of mules and yarsha pickers have been stranded on the way due to the blockade. Talkot Rural Municipality residents have blocked the road connecting Panalat, Syada, Kuwa, Lokand and Jaad areas of Saipal Rural Municipality which is home to some of the yarsha pockets in the area.

CHITWAN, Nov 24: Rajendra Tandukar of Kathmandu is quite familiar with Narayanghat-Mugling road section. He was just 24 when he started driving along this route. Now, he is 50. Initially, he drove a company’s vehicle. These days, he has been driving Kathmandu-Chitwan route everyday on his own vehicle which he purchased 12 years ago.

After more than a year of the blockade, International Monetary Fund (IMF) praised Qatar’s efforts at repelling economic turmoil

The blockade: Lessons unlearned

September 27, 2018 01:30 am

For a country that has suffered thrice because of blockade, blockade should not be a mere tool for certain leaders to capitalize during the elections, rise to power and lead the government

KATHMANDU, June 5: Tuesday marks the completion of Qatar’s one year of struggle against the blockade imposed on it by its Arab neighbors and co-founders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain, along with their ally, Egypt. They abruptly cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar and imposed travel and trade bans.

KATHMANDU, May 12: Visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Nepali people for their combined strengths to rebuild Nepal after the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015.

DHANGADI, KATHMANDU, May 12: Bibeksheel Sajha Party, Dhangadi held a silent protest as they welcomed visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi but reechoed they were hadn’t forgotten the blockade.

KATHMANDU, May 10: Ambassador of European Union to Bangladesh Rensje Terrink has recalled 'Blockade' imposed by India after the Mega earthquake and constitution of Nepal issued on 2015.

KATHMANDU, May 10:Social Media has been awash with messages against Modi for his Nepali visit.  There are so many hashtags like #BlockadeWasCrimeMrModi, #ModiNotWelcome which are on trending.

KATHMANDU, March 27: Nepali Congress (NC) Central Working Committee (CWC) member Dr Shekhar Koirala has said that the party’s failure to call India’s unofficial blockade against Nepal a blockade was one of the main reasons behind its poor performance in the parliamentary and provincial assembly polls.

KATHMANDU, March 27: Nepali Congress (NC) Central Working Committee (CWC) member Dr Shekhar Koirala has said that the party’s failure to call India’s unofficial blockade against Nepal a blockade was one of the main reasons behind its poor performance in the parliamentary and provincial assembly polls.

KATHMANDU, Aug 21: The volume of all retail medicines traded across the India-Nepal border during the blockade period between September 2015 and early February 2016 decreased by 46.5 percent compared to the same months in 2014/2015, a study report revealed.

It is said that one reason the ruling Congress-Maoist coalition could not muster two-thirds majority in favor of the constitution amendment bill was the vacillating stand of Rastriya  Prajatantra Party (RPP). Was RPP, as a party, in favor of or against the bill? Is it even one united party? Is it joining the government? What is its stand on key political issues? RPP  President and former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa shared his views with Biswas Baral and Mahabir Paudyal.

KATHMANDU, June 28: It seems Nepal faced two blockades in the past two years with the recent one being the diplomatic crisis in Qatar. Nearly five months long economic blockade on Nepal imposed by India immediately after Nepal promulgated its constitution on September 19, 2015 crippled general life and cost a huge loss to country's economy.

The other blockade

June 16, 2017 12:47 pm

Amazing, the jujitsu our brain is capable of. When I heard that seven surrounding countries had imposed a ‘blockade’ on Qatar, my first thought was not about the 400,000 Nepali migrant workers toiling there night and day, but about PSG, the Paris-based football club whose ups and downs in Europe I have closely followed over the years. The young Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who is just 37, owns the club via a Qatari investment vehicle.

CPN (Maoist Center) leader Narayan Kaji Shrestha has been closely involved in inter-party negotiations surrounding the announcement of local elections on Monday. He also visited India last week and met a range of actors, including top Indian government officials. He reportedly informed them on the importance of timely local elections in Nepal.

BIRGUNJ, Feb 14: The 134 days of protest by the Madhes-based parties about one and a half years ago had not only affected business and enterprise but also left parcels and important paperwork entering Nepal from India and other countries stuck on the other side of the border.

KATHMANDU, Feb 2: CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli on Thursday claimed that his government had made ‘India-locked Nepal’ a land-locked country.

KATHMANDU, Sept 22: Exactly one year ago, India imposed an undeclared blockade on Nepal, citing protests by Madhes-based parties at some checkpoints along the Nepal-India border. The parties were protesting against some of the provisions in the new constitution.

KATHMANDU, Aug 15: Despite four-month blockade, Fiscal Year 2015/16 turned to be a good year for Nepali automobile industry as registration of new vehicles grew by a whopping 43 percent compared to 2013/14.

DOLPA (Dunai), July 22: The Jufal Airport – which has been a major medium of transportation in far-flung Dolpa district–, has closed down for the past five days with the onset of rainy season.

KATHMANDU, June 20: Experts said Monday that the five month long blockade not only fueled the black economy and corruption but also institutionalized them.