Lamichhane and the Long Arm of the Law

Published On: April 9, 2023 12:00 PM NPT By: Akhilesh Tripathi

It looks like Rabi Lamichhane has had a sudden change of heart towards Prime Minister Dahal. He used to criticize him left, right, and center when he was a journalist, but now he has to tiptoe carefully through the Prime Minister's legs like a tiny mouse to avoid going to jail!

It seems that Rabi Lamichhane has managed to dodge a bullet, or should we say, a jail term! Despite being accused of having two passports at the same time and acquiring a Nepali passport based on an invalid citizenship, the former Home Minister has managed to avoid punishment thanks to the "letter of the law versus the spirit of the law" argument. But let's not forget the "devil can cite Scripture for his purpose" saying - it seems like the Attorney General of Nepal has managed to interpret the law in such a unique and creative way that even Rabi's two passports can be overlooked. Perhaps the law really does have nine horns as a popular Nepali saying goes, and the Attorney General has found a way to use all of them to Rabi's advantage!

At this rate, we wouldn't be surprised if Lamichhane's Rastriya Swatantra Party gains even more popularity. After all, it seems that having multiple passports is not only legal but encouraged in Nepal, thanks to the Attorney General's unique interpretation of the law. Maybe Rabi will even change the name of his party to the "Swatantra Passport and Citizenship Party" - who needs a valid citizenship when you can have two passports, right? All we can say is, let's hope his party doesn't expand internationally, or they might run into some legal trouble with other countries' passport laws!

It looks like Rabi Lamichhane is quite the political mastermind! Not only did he manage to avoid jail time for his questionable citizenship and passport status, but his party also gave a vote of confidence to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. Talk about a win-win situation! It seems like Rabi has found the ultimate loophole in the Nepali legal system - just exchange a vote of trust for a you-don’t-have-to- go-to-jail card! We wouldn't be surprised if he starts offering votes of confidence to other politicians in exchange for favors in the future. Who knows, maybe he'll become the next kingmaker of Nepali politics!

But let's not forget the most important part of this whole story - what kind of vote of confidence did Rabi give to the Prime Minister? Was it a simple thumbs up? A heartfelt speech? A song and dance routine? We demand to know! It's like the Nepali version of "Dancing with the Stars" - instead of judges giving scores, politicians give votes of confidence. We can just imagine the drama and intrigue that goes on behind closed doors as politicians negotiate votes in exchange for favors. Who needs a stable government when you've got this level of entertainment?

It's a strange and confusing world when the law can be interpreted in such a way that someone with multiple passports and an invalid citizenship can walk away scot-free. But maybe we shouldn't be too surprised - after all, this is Nepal, where the legal system can sometimes feel like a game of Twister! With so many rules and regulations, it's no wonder that even the most experienced lawyers can stumble. It's a wonder that anyone can navigate this complex legal landscape, but somehow Lamichhane and his party seem to be doing just fine!

It seems that Lamichhane has become the poster child for the Nepali saying, ‘Sana lai ain, thula lai chain,’ which roughly means ‘the rich get richer and the poor get prison!’ Rabi may not be a billionaire, but in the world of Nepali politics, he's definitely on the richer side. It's amazing how someone with questionable citizenship and multiple passports can still manage to avoid jail time. It just goes to show that money, power and connections can truly buy anything in Nepal, including a free pass from the law!

The situation here is even better explained by another saying – “Even the long arm of the law is too short to reach some people!” It seems like the Nepali law enforcement is in dire need of an arm extension, because even a simple case like Rabi's citizenship and passport status has become too complicated for them to handle. Maybe they should start taking some yoga lessons to improve their flexibility! Or maybe they should just admit defeat and accept that some people are just above the law. Who knows, maybe they'll even make a new division in the police force called "The Rabi Lamichhane Protection Squad!"

But let's not be too hard on Rabi – after all, he's just playing by the rules of the game. It's not his fault that the legal system in Nepal is so convoluted that even the most basic cases become a bureaucratic nightmare. Maybe we should start calling him the "legal loophole master," or the "king of political maneuvering." Whatever we call him, we can't deny that Rabi has managed to beat the system and come out on top. Who knows, maybe he'll start teaching a course on how to navigate Nepali bureaucracy and legal loopholes. Sign me up!

Well, it looks like Lamichhane has had a sudden change of heart towards Prime Minister Dahal. He used to criticize him left, right, and center when he was a journalist, but now he has to tiptoe carefully through the Prime Minister's legs like a tiny mouse to avoid going to jail! It's like a scene from a Tom and Jerry cartoon, with Rabi trying his best not to get squished under Dahal's feet. Who knew that one day Rabi would have to rely on the very person he used to criticize to save himself? It just goes to show that in Nepali politics, anything can happen - even the impossible can become possible!

But again, in a country where a person who has publicly claimed responsibility for 5,000 murders can become the prime minister, it's no wonder that Rabi Lamichhane's questionable citizenship and passport status have caused such a stir. However, we must not overlook the fact that Rabi has managed to navigate the Nepali legal and political landscape with skill and cunning. While some may question the morality of his actions, it cannot be denied that Rabi has shown himself to be a savvy politician who knows how to play the game. Whether he becomes a kingmaker or a footnote in Nepali political history remains to be seen, but one thing is certain - Rabi Lamichhane has left his mark on Nepali politics!

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