Koirala family will take over NC leadership: Shashank Koirala

Published On: September 24, 2018 08:25 AM NPT By: Rekha Bhusal

BUTWAL, Sept 24: General Secretary of Nepali Congress (NC), Shashank Koirala, has said that one of the three leaders belonging to the age-old political dynasty of Koirala family will field candidacy for the party's presidency in the upcoming general convention of the party.

Addressing a press conference conducted by Reporters' Club in Butwal on Sunday, Koirala, the third son of former prime minister and founding NC leader B P Koirala, said that a member of the Koirala family will field candidacy for the presidency of the party in the next party convention.

Although he said that one of the three politically active members of the Koirala clan will field candidacy for the president, he refrained from revealing who that member could be. “Sujata, Shekhar and I hold no grudges against each others. We will discuss and send one of our names for the candidacy for presidency of the party,” he said.

Claiming that the Koirala family is ready to lead the party by putting an end to the internal conflicts, Koirala said that he has planned to make NC the biggest party in four years. “The rights of the party president should be decentralized now,” he emphasized, “We will face problems if the lower level of the party is not strengthened.”

Koirala also emphasized the need for amendment to the party's statute and timely conduction of the party's general convention. “We need to end the internal conflicts in the party and delegate rights to the provincial and local levels through the amendments to the party statute,” he said.

Claiming that Nepali Congress will have to be more powerful in order to ensure freedom and rights to the public, Koirala said that the path that NC has chosen to take can lead the public and the nation to prosperity. He also emphasized the need for press freedom, saying it is essential to safeguard the people's fundamental right to information.

In the program, Koirala also accused the majority government led by Nepal Communist Party (NCP) of not being able to deliver properly and working without a proper plan for development. “The leftist parties do not understand the spirit of federalism,” he said, “Instead of handing power and rights to the provinces, they have been exercising a centralized rule.” He also slammed the leftist leaders and ministers for 'not understanding' what should be prioritized on the road to prosperity.'

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